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Barack Ain’t That Important?

Even if you don’t follow politics,  you have to be searching for Nelly’s career to not know its a presidential election year.  The GOP have provided us with plenty of sound bites about “blah” people on welfare, getting off food stamps and on to checks, and uh, uh, I forgot the other things.  On top of that, they have been throwing shots at the POTUS since day one.  Back in 2008 I actually got involved in the campaign process; I made my first campaign donation.  I felt real good about the few dollars I donated that helped fund the campaign of Americas first black president. Kinda like that lady at church that gives you $20 one time in college and swears that she helped put you through school (so to Sis. Oomf, that $20 helped me get in two parties on 6th street).  The country was having a rough go at it when he was voted in and generally we are on an upward tick.  But I realized something these four years that I never really thought about…

The president really ain’t that important!

By the time a law gets from the Oval Office to your office, its been through more changes than Niki Minaj’s hair color (please stop it with the green eggs and ham hair do).  The people who really run the show are the folks we sorta turn our noses up at, but these people rule with an iron fist and set up dynasties that last for generations! And when one of their rules gets to you, its got less steps than Brittany….which means it ain’t stepped on dig me!?

I’m talking about cul-de-sac gangsta’s and bake sale mobsters aka your local Home Owners Association (HOA) and Parent Teacher Association (PTA). Right now someone is reading this and rolling their eyes, if I was in the PTA I would smack that look off your face!

We as black people always talk about how we need to change our communities and we tend to look at politics as an avenue to do so. We were just looking at the wrong politics. The PTA and HOA have the ability to effect an immediate change on our communities.

50 Grand and we ain't got our hands on none of it


PTA’s are dealing with budgets of 10’s of thousands of dollars that directly impact the school. And for those of us that have moved out to the burbs for that better school system, the budget is closer to 100k. That’s a whole lot of books, computers, playgrounds, and resources. But we are too busy on our grind to deal with stay at home moms and bake sales. Then we wonder why our kid’s needs are not met.  The PTA is one thing, the school board is another.  Most people who run for the school board aren’t politicians, most don’t even have kids in the district!! But they are making decisions on teacher raises, funding for programs, and layoffs.  We rarely have a voice in these avenues, so it’s unlikely that the needs of our kids and our community are being properly considered.  S/o to people like Pastor Dr. John D. Ogletree, Jr., Esq (see all them titles…he major), Howard Jean, Kevin Powell, Yannis Banks, and Ed Sinclair for being willing and able to be on the front lines and making sure the voice of the under-represented are heard.

300K house sold for $3,500 because of $400 in late fees. smh


Now for those of you hoping to buy a home or that just bought a home I would like to warn you about the gangsters.  I don’t care how much your crib cost or how big the gate is around your community, YOU WILL DEAL WITH THE GANGSTER’S!! They call themselves the HOA but I like to call them H.O.A.N’s W.T.B.A. (ask my boy Smoke for a translation).  The HOA has the power to tell you what you can or cannot do to your marvelous home that you paid $250k for.  Want to build an addtion…pay me, want to plant a tree in YOUR back yard…..pay me, forget to properly edge your grass or change a lightbulb on your porch….pay me! And when you forget to pay a $10 fine for your grass not being green enough, they foreclose on your home for $10.75 in HOA fees and your out on the street wondering what happened.  I ain’t never been to an HOA meeting, but I promise you I will be at my next one.  But trying to find out when and where they meet was like pledging to be in the Illuminati!  Once again there is a group of people with power to effect immediate change in your neighborhood, where we are rarely present.  

We need to be where the power is and the power that we need to grasp is the kind that can make a change on our lives right now! That power is on local boards and committees like the PTA, School Board, and HOA .  Being involved on the local level allows you to have a hands on experience on your community and people in it.  The President has a great importance in our country, but I just don’t feel what he does as much or as quickly as soccer mom that vetoed buying  multi-cultural books for my son’s school. I’m just saying tho.

What do you think, is the Pres. of the PTA or HOA more important to our day-to-day live than the POTUS?  What impacts you more, The 32 extra dollars you get on your check courtesy of DC or $1.5 million grant to renovate the district that the School Board controls?


Speak on it!

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