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Blue Ivy…aka…I’m Rich B*TCH

So there has been a lot of talk about the name of Sean and Beyonce Carter’s baby girl. In fact there has been more than enough talk about the baby, the preganancy(when it actually happened; if it happened at all), what the baby will look like…etc…..etc… While i will not add anything new or thought provoking to the conversations surrounding the appropriateness of those allegations of add to the “whether i believe what I read in Media World Star Takeout”, as a parent I would like to offer something towards the motivation behind the name (of course with the understanding that I reserve the right to be wrong because it is just an opinion.

Normally I’m not too enamored by the meaning of names. My name is Jarvis William (Spear Man; Strong Willed Warrior). I could offer a profound explanation of how that name has shaped or has it’s place in my life, but i can guarantee that those responsible for naming me didn’t go through that much detailed research. While i believe that they have some significance in the grand scheme of things (you have what you say), I have never looked up the meaning of my kids names before actually naming them. We thought of a name that we liked, found a middle name that flowed with the first and last name and #POW, that was that. I wonder though, after listening to the above song and reading briefly about the alleged miscarriage Beyonce had prior to this pregnancy, Blue Ivy makes sense to me.

Blue carries the typical meaning of sad. I can imagine that if the alleged miscarriage is true, and based on the fact that this sad act is alluded to in the song Glory, I can imagine that was a very rough time for the Carter family. It is for that reason though why I believe that Ivy makes so much more sense. Being a middle name or second first name, shows the expectation for a sad initial occurrence to blossom into a Climbing Vine Plant…the meaning of Ivy. The way I see it, when your sadness is put in the proper perspective and you choose to move on and start a new, you have the ability to plant new seeds that could grow into very healthy blossoming plants that have the ability to make great climbs in life. This may be a bit of a stretch, but Blue Ivy does have some stretching to do and the skies the limit.

See Blue Ivy has been born into a affluent family with a wealth of resources and opportunities, her name carries the hope that struggles or tough times can turn into a completely opposite future. Embedded in that name is a process of burying that which is the past and using that same soil to plant new dreams, new visions, new aspirations. With the right amount of nurturing, the ideal soil or foundation, and the appropriate amount of light, Blue Ivy should be able to find her own way; while extending out and carrying the past experiences of the two who came together to bring her into the world. I still cannot say that I’m a fan of the name, but i guess now…I understand (even if my explanation turns out to be wrong too.)

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