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R.I.P. Due Process

Today’s Featured Friday post is from none other than Ant! check out his other post on The Block as well.

Happy New Year! Feels great to be back on the Block once again.  I
hope everyone had a safe and eventful holiday season.  It’s been
awhile, but it feels great to be back on the Block once again.


New Year’s Eve is usually a memorable day. It’s the last day of the
year, and you want to make the most of it.  New Year’s Eve 2011 was
rather memorable for me.  Not in the sense, that I attended one
hell-of-a party, but because our President decided to go back on his
word and signed into law, an amendment that has killed one of our
civil liberties.  I’m speaking about the amendment to the NDAA.  The
National Defense Authorization Act.  This new amendment gives the
Government the LEGAL ability to detain US Citizens INDEFINITELY if
they are suspected to be associated with terrorism.  Did I mention due
process is thrown out the window?

No trial to prove your innocence.

No evidence to prove your guilt.

No jury of your peers to review your case.

All you get is an indefinite jail sentence and you don’t have to be told why.

This is supposed to be our newest line of defense against the so
called “War On Terrorism” but you have to be kidding me.  You think
THIS is the answer?  You think the Government hasn’t falsely accused
individuals of being suspected terrorists?  There are literally
millions of innocent names on the suspected terrorists list.  Frequent
business travelers, teachers, Islamic followers, etc.  So now, our
Government has the legal right to detain them all.

Let’s not forget how this would affect low-income individuals in the
urban district.  Ever hear of domestic terrorism?  Under the new
amendment, they can come scoop up anyone they think to be affiliated
with a gang.  Wearing a blue shirt? Might get scooped up for being a
Crip.  Wearing a red shirt? You run the risk of being in support of
the Bloods.

A part of me isn’t even surprised.  I know for a fact they’ve been
planning this for quite some time.  Several years ago, I heard rumors
about FEMA Concentration Camps sprouting up around the US.  They are
fully functioning and house millions upon millions of plastic coffins.
 Why would our Government build these camps if they didn’t intend to
use them?  Well, this recent signing slowly puts that plan into
motion.  Think I’m just a crazy conspiracy theorist? Google “HR-645”
and “FEMA Concentration Camps.”

A few years ago, I did some research on the Illuminati.  Not so much
about who was involved with it, but more about what the organization
plans on doing.  The New World Order is their plan and slowly but
surely, the rumors I’ve read are slowly coming to fruition.  Another
rumor I’ve read years ago is the mandatory implants of an RFID. This
is basically your ID implanted into your body so the powers that be,
can track your every move and identity.  This will be used as our
currency, so cash and credit cards will be obsolete.  Don’t be
surprised if that comes true too.

In no way am I a crazy conspiracy theorist that thinks the “Man” is
constantly controlling our every move, but I am the kind of person to
take a step back and try to piece the big picture together…and that
picture doesn’t look pretty.

As always folks, stay classy.

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2 thoughts on “R.I.P. Due Process

  1. Great Post Sir…we could get into all the spiritual implications of what you are addressing here, especially when you get into the micro chip implanted into the human body….but it is strictly from a Christian perspective and not everyone is Christian and believes in the Word of God…aka the Bible…but anyway

    Great Job

  2. Just a little devil’s advocation here, but the NDAA signed by the Prez does nothing different than what was already allowed under law. Perhaps the recent re-authorization publicized it, but let’s not get too carried away about the Prez going back on his word. Peep game:

    “We have said as a policy matter that this administration will not put U.S. citizens in indefinite detention,” the senior administration official said. “Could a future administration hold a U.S. citizen in military detention? Yes, if the [2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force] allowed it, but that would have been true with or without this bill.”


    Additionally, here’s some statutory language that creates the FEMA Emergency Centers:

    (a) In General- In accordance with the requirements of this Act, the Secretary of Homeland Security shall establish not fewer than 6 national emergency centers on military installations.

    (b) Purpose of National Emergency Centers- The purpose of a national emergency center shall be to use existing infrastructure–

    (1) to provide temporary housing, medical, and humanitarian assistance to individuals and families dislocated due to an emergency or major disaster;

    (2) to provide centralized locations for the purposes of training and ensuring the coordination of Federal, State, and local first responders;

    (3) to provide centralized locations to improve the coordination of preparedness, response, and recovery efforts of government, private, and not-for-profit entities and faith-based organizations; and

    (4) to meet other appropriate needs, as determined by the Secretary of Homeland Security.

    Obviously, the problematic language is located in Subsection (b), item (4). It’s vague. I can be pretty libertarian at times, and one could see the ambiguity in (4) create some problems in the future. However, if you read the rest of the statute, it sure doesn’t sound like a bad idea for the gub’mint to be prepared if some real serious ish goes down at some point in the future.

    I haven’t done much research on the implanted devices, but I can guarantee you it will never happen. The relationship of a government and it’s people is a constant pendulum. We are currently still in a pendulm swing towards the power of government (post 9/11), but it will return to some balance of normalcy soon. I would hesitate to take such a negative view of the future and our freedoms (and I’m a cynical guy).

    Just some grub for thought.

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