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2012 Predictions

It’s been a minute, but I’m back in the building!  2011 was good ta me so I’m gon be good to yall in 2012.  I’m starting off with some predictions that you can take to the bank. (just remember its a posted dated check, don’t front).  

20 Things you WILL see in 2012:

  1. Kobe will hook up with Kim Kardashian and talk trash to Kris about during a game
  2. The Get Money Boyz  will heard from again, with their platinum single, “I’m a Shoe Connoisseur”
  3. Serena’s booty and willingness to date rap dudes will strart Rap WW3. Drake will diss Common and Luda, and one of the vets will be taken out of the game by the young cat.
  4. Obama ain’t winning by a landslide, he betta hope he slide his ass in office again and go out like G!!
  5. Tyler Perry will have his own TV network and no matter how much hate it inspires, it will be successful.
  6. Conrad will be free before the end of 2012!
  7. Bootsie won’t.
  8. Lil Wayne will add another baby momma to the group and star in a spin-0ff to Sister Wives
  9. Nene will go back to stripping and co -star with Lil Wayne in a spin-off to Sister Wives
  10. Beyonce and Jay-Z’s child will be worth more than the US GDP
  11. Tavis Smiley and Cornell West will squash their beef with Obama and Tom Joyner
  12. Justin Beiber will end up on Murray, Gale King will be the reason
  13. Rhianna and C. Breezy will get back together
  14. Rhianna will be featured on Snapped or First 48
  15. Drake will name drop his favorite anti-depressants
  16. Chris Bosh will get traded, to the other team! you know that dude’s wrist is broken
  17. Hermain Cain will produce a feature length film for VIVID Entertainment
  18. Shaq and Charles Barkley will fight on national TV
  19. Awkward Black Girl will be on HBO
  20. Somebody’s booty implants will explode during an awards show

Those are my predictions for 2012, the Mayans ain’t got nothing on me. What about you?  What are you willing to predict will happen in 2012?


Today’s predictions were brought to you by the Magic 8 Ball and Smoke The  Ghetto Profit aka. Smoke-a domus





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