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Kiss Me

A New Year’s Resolution is supposed to make sure that you don’t make the same mistakes you did the year before.  Be a better you.  A thinner you.  A running you.  A you that reads more.  A you who got rid of all the negative friends that you had the year before.  And although cynicism and social networking have brought heavy sighs from the non-Resolutioners, (because we all know you’ll be clogging the gym or forgetting your resolution by Februrary 1), honestly, a fresh start to the new year is probably a good perspective to have come Midnight this Saturday.

Some people think the best way to start off the year is to be sitting in church.  Because that is a big resolution for most.  Get back into the church house.  So make sure to have some room for your neighbor come Sunday.

Along with the aforementioned resolution setting come a few superstitions.  Seeing as how it’s a new year you want to start off on the right foot.  Like nothing you did in the previous year would affect you.  Right.  Anyway, one of the big ones for folks is that you gotta have your black-eyed peas!  Apparently they’re supposed to bring good luck and fortune for the year.  Yeah like that’s all it takes to have fortune.  A big pile of black-eyed peas.

But it seems like the biggest deal to people is the kiss at midnight.  According to superstition the person that you kiss at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s is the person you will be with for the year.  And if you have a significant other and don’t kiss them, you are looking forward to a year of failure.

Have you been to a club for New Year’s?  The eyeing starts early in the evening.  Conversations start up  around 11 to see if there’s any sort of compatibility.  Around 1130 eyes are scanning and people are shifting to just be close to the person they had been eyeing since they walked in.  Around 1150 nerves start getting high and watches are constantly checked.  During the 10 second countdown comes the moment of desperation where you feel you just have to kiss somebody.  Anybody.  It’s madness.  And then it’s over.  And nothing is any different except the calendar.

So maybe if you find yourself not standing next to the person you want to kiss and “spend the year with”.  That’s probably a good thing.  Better than thinking “great, I’m stuck with this mofo for the next 365 days”.

Do you have any New Year’s traditions/superstitions? How do you feel about kissing anyone at Midnight? Have you ever gotten rich off a batch of black-eyed peas?


3 thoughts on “Kiss Me

  1. Lol. I’ve midnight-kissed one of my guy friends like, 3 New Years. And then we see each other maybe 7-8 times that year. So I don’t put too much stock in the midnight kiss. It’s just fun. Nor do I make actual resolutions – I just start changing things.

  2. My family is serious about that black-eyed pea thing. We also always have something green on the menu, for money and prosperity. I think its interesting how these traditions have stuck and stay relevant in our culture even though they are cleary antiquated. NY just don’t feel right without’em.

    But on another note, you can miss me with that Midnight Watch Service/club alternative.

  3. I dont put any stock in the midnight kiss. It’s been my experience that lots of folks who kiss at midnight dont even make it thru to the next midnight kiss. When my grandma was alive, we used to have greens and the black eyed peas and all the other requisite NY food, but that passed away when she did. And since my baby brothers’ bday is NYD…we usually have whatever he requests…which is certainly the reason why we aint rich yet. lol. And I, like Bella, dont really make resolutions…i just try to change stuff and learn from whatever did or didnt work from the previous year.

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