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Three Things You Need to Have….

In order to have successful New Years Resolutions you need to have three things. Now wait, all you resolution nay sayers, put down your stones and hear me out. I know that you may know some people, because you certainly have never resolved to do something only to not see it come to pass, who make resolutions every year and before the calendar hits February, those resolutions are cast away. I get it. It’s frustrating, often, annoying, but you can see resolution success if you incorporate these 3 simple things.

1) Get Off The Gas- this is probably the most essential key to being successful with your resolutions. To put it frankly “Getting off the gas” really. Means BE REALISTIC. You can’t lose 150 pounds if you have never even tried to eat the right things, get the proper amount of exercise, or get the required amount of sleep on a consistent basis. You cant resolve to stay out of certain relationships, if you have never dealt with and become comfortable with the notion of being alone. How can you possibly declare that this is your year to get a job…and you ain’t never sat down and filled out an application? Success begins with the determination of fulfilling something and then checking to make sure that what you want to do does not go beyond what you are currently capable of doing at the moment. You may realize that you have to break your resolution down into smaller chunks to accomplish the overall goal.

2) Write It Down, Make It Plain, and then Just Do It- every success story involves getting a vision, making it tangible and realistic to fit your needs and your current circumstances, and then working the plan. This step is the make or break step, because it will seem almost impossible in the first 21 days. I say 21 days because it takes about that long to really develop or change a habit. You can have the greatest intentions, but the next 21 days will test your resolve, your courage, and it will truly challenge your resolutions. For example, you want to get in the gym right? Well you can go out, buy the membership, get the brand new workout gear and be focused. You get in that weight room and you hit hard the first day. You come home feeling good, feeling great…and then at 3am you get visited by Mr. Charlie Horse. Or you wake up the next morning and you can barely move because all of your muscles are crying out in stern revolt…begging you to cease and desist from whatever that was you did the day before. But like a good frat brother of mine once told me, “When your A$$ don’t feel like getting up and going, go anyway!” Give yourself a chance to fulfill your resolution goals by developing a plan, and actually working that plan out by any means necessary.

3) Accountability is Paramount– some of you may not get overwhelming support for the things you want to change in this upcoming year. The ideal thing is to find at least one person who will agree with your resolution and commit to seeing it through with you. You have to give this person permission to call you out on your bullcrap, call you and ask you the tough questions, or go along with you to make sure that you are doing what you said you wanted to do. And don’t call that friend that is always agreeing with you or is too soft to get in your face. Call that friend that you know will get in your A$$ when they know you messing up. If your resolution doesn’t really require a friend to hold you accountable then you may have to incorporate some safe guards in your plan that will hold you accountable. For example….you may have to change your number so dude can’t call you at 3 in the morning and you go running. You may have to change the route that you drive home from work so that you don’t see the “Hot Now” sign lit up in red that seems to call your name (those who like doughnuts know what that hot now sign is). Remember that sometimes a change in scenery is what you need to be held accountable.

At the end of the day, your resolution may not become a lifestyle change. It may not last the entire year or 6 months even. But if you take some positive steps in the right direction, go back to the drawing board if you need to, and try again….one day you will experience resolution success. Until next time friends….Caesar Out!

What are your resolutions this year?


2 thoughts on “Three Things You Need to Have….

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  2. I try to keep it simple, cause I’m not a big picture person and a yearly goal is basically impossible for me to do. I’m the kind of person that has a resolution every week. This week I’ll scrub the floors. This week I’ll clean the closet. It’s like the people that say they’ll quit smoking every Monday morning. So at the most, I do challenges. Usually to read X amount of books. And Goodreads keeps track of that for me. It’s simple. It’s doable. I do it.

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