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Minute Man

No one wants to admit to it, but its a real problem. Missy hated it so much she made a song about it and Chris Brown pleads not to be one.  Dudes are not proud of it, ladies are embarassed about it.  A lot of women suffer from the condition too!  We try to get it all done in one or two broad strokes, but no matter how hard we try, somebody we care about doesn’t get theirs.  Some one always gets left out.

Last minute Christmas shopping sucks!! It never works out the way we want it to, we end up overspending, buying the wrong gift, or just end up handing out cash.  This year I want to help my fellow Last Minute Shoppers with a few tricks of the trade that will help you get in and out like a robbery.

Avoid “As Seen on TV” items:  You know exactly what I’m talking about.  The crap that put in one section, right in front of the store or by the registers.  Stuff like panther print Snuggies, Chia Pets, and the Slumber Mitt.  Let’s reflect on that last one…..the Slumber Mitt??? Really dude, no one wants that trash and if they do, you shouldn’t be the one to support their hoarding!  Seriously, these gifta are not what’s hot in the streets.  They are a dead give away to your condition, because no one that spent a little time searching would resort to the “As Seen on TV” aisle.  Extra bonus negative points if you got the gift from asseenontv.com.  Instead, look for items that are actually practical and useful for the people on your list.  Which leads me to another tip

HAVE a LIST!! If Santa needs one so do you.  It’s nothing worse than going to mall and putting in a good 3 hours of shopping only to realize that you forgot a gift for your gal!  That wouldn’t happen to Santa and it wouldn’t happen to you if you really cared or if you really had a list!  Even procrastinators need a guideline.   A list helps you remember everyone one that matters.  Make sure list has more than a name on it.  You should have a gift idea for each person on your list.  If you don’t have an exact gift in mind, list a few things they like; i.e. Drake, all black, moscatto, prozac, zoloft, etc.

Have a Budget.  You know what Kobe got out of buying Vanessa a $1 million dollar ring………..NOTHING!!!!  That’s why I don’t recommend emotional buys.  Emotional buys are expensive and normally uneccessary.  One way to avoid buying that $1,600 LV purse for your girlfriend of 4 weeks is to grow a pair.  Another way is to go shopping with a budget.  I know it’s dangerous to carry large amounts of cash during the holidays but its worth the extra precautions if it helps you stay on budget.  Times are hard, too hard to overextend yourself for one day of the year.  Plus while everyone else is suffering from the shock of their credit card bills and breaking their new years resolutions on Blue Monday, you will be happy you stayed on budget and don’t have to wait for a tax return to pay your bills.

The holiday season always brings out something in people, sometimes the worst and sometimes the best.  Don’t let being a last minute shopper get you down.  Follow this advice and remember the reason for the season.  Take a moment to remember why you are fighting traffic to navigate crowded malls and deal with retail employees that have understandable attitudes after dealing with ignorant people all day. It’s because you wait until the last minute every year and you deserve it!! And the people you love and care about are worth it.  Have a Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanza, Happy New Year, Happy Hannakuh, and Festivus for the Rest of Us!!!

What is Festivus you ask…..


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