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A Picture Is Worth

a thousand words right? At least that’s the saying. However, sometimes what the picture doesn’t say is often more powerful. Now i will admit, it is all interpretation when you start looking at photos and what not; i mean making sense of what you are looking at completely depends on you; who you are; what’s going on in your world at the time; your ability to think out of the box etc. I believe the important thing is, as you process the images without words, and start to ascribe your own meanings to them, take some times to reflect on what your words and meanings say about you and maybe the way you orientate yourself to the world around you. You may find some stuff out about yourself that you didn’t know. Keeping that in mind, the following is a picture that caught my attention and a couple of things i took away from it.

I saw this pic and saw the word SENSE with the statement, this picture makes none; and on the surface Darth Vader pouring water into another container (that is so far from the container he is pouring from) in a body of water is completely ridiculous and makes no sense. However, I  respectfully disagree that this pic makes no sense. I think it makes perfect sense; just a matter of perspective. Here would be some of my meaning based on this pic.

1) All Leaders are Human– Darth Vader was one of the most powerful “fictional leaders” of all time. Sometimes even the most powerful leaders think that their method of doing things or the ideas that they come up with are great…adn through their experiences trying to execute those tings they fail…miserably. If you are following someone who suggest something that’s not feasible and you know it won’t work or make sense, voice that concern to offer a different perspective…you could be saving them time and moments of absolute failure.

2) Don’t Make Bets Without Knowing the Outcome of Losing– That’s just not smart. Especially if you have very creative and cruel friends.

3) Protecting The Environment One Product At A Time– Maybe this is showing the importance of recycling. Re-using plastic products instead of just throwing it out.

4) Living In Abundance– I mean there’s a person standing in what seems like an endless supply of water, pouring out of himself to give to someone else #ThatsAGoodPlaceToShout

5) Pour Out Some for My Homies– think about all the oceanic travel from one continent to the next throughout the course of history. There are those who pour out liquor on the streets for their fallen loved ones…could be a similar type of homage being paid here…#justsayin

What do you see?


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