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Things Men THINK but won’t SAY

Welcome back to The Block…I know you all missed me.  There are plenty of things that men think, but are afraid to actually let come out of their mouths.  I’m here to just put it out there and say what they are scared to say!  And here we go.

Epic cleavage

Racks on Racks on Racks – Now I know women think all guys love a woman with big breasts, but if you think about it, EVERYBODY loves a woman with big breasts.  That’s not what I’m saying here.  I’m saying that it’s also not the size of the tits, but the willingness to show them.  Think about it.  Picture this scene, 2 women walk by, one has some D’s but is rocking a casual t-shirt, the other has some B’s pushed up with a low-cut shirt, who do you think gets the most attention as they walk by?  You guessed it, the B girl because of her willingness to put them puppies out there for the world to enjoy.  I’m just saying…

Where's Joey Greco?

He AIN’T hitting that right – A couple is out somewhere, it doesn’t even have to be a date spot, but assume the young lady is looking right this day.  As other guys see her with her man, they all think, “he ain’t hitting that right”.  Women, in case you didn’t know, every guy thinks you absolutely cannot get done any better than he can do you.  So when you get approached by a guy and you tell him that you have a man….guess what he’s thinking?  You guessed it, he’s thinking “I know your man ain’t hitting that right” and that you need to be rescued from the dreary nights of you laying in bed watching WE TV as your man humps his little heart out.  I’m just saying…

Everybody does it...LITERALLY!

It’s MANdatory to check out other women – This one is a touchy subject for quite a few women.  They all think they’re hot, which they very well may be, however if you read the previous section in detail you’ll understand why men have to check out the other girls in the room.  Still wondering what I’m talking about?  A guy thinks he needs to rescue every attractive woman from the lack of orgasm sex she’s been having without him.  Granted some guys are smoother in checking out other females, especially when their lady is in the room, but for the most part we suck at it.  The funniest one is when guys are in a conversation with their girl and a hot girl walks by and they completely stop talking to check the girl out….Epic fail guys.  Ladies, I’m not saying your man doesn’t like/love you, but it’s the conqueror’s nature to at least look.  I’m just saying…

All Day I...Dream About.....SEX!

A.D.I.D.A.S – Some guys are bold enough to come out and say what they’re thinking, but for the most part guys hold it in for fear of being considered a pervert.  While this section kind of ties into the whole “I need to please every women” theory, it needs to be separated.  Reason being is that even when a guy is not around women, he’s still thinking of sex.  So yea, All Day I Dream About Sex, but that’s not illegal.  I’m just saying…

it's a vicious cycle

Your period is YOURS.  Period.  –  While it’s an exciting moment when it comes, for most men and women, most guys zoned out during health class when the teacher has to go into detail about menstruation.   Don’t go into detail about your period. It scares us. If you have cramps and we ask you what’s wrong, just tell us it’s that time of the month and nothing more.  I’m just saying…

you're in denial

When a guy hears NO, he thinks “Try again tomorrow” –  Guys are conquerors and do not take defeat really well.  By defeat I mean getting rejected by a person of the opposite sex.  For some guys, it takes some courage to get his approach right and then to fail at it means they have to start all over again.  Plenty of guys are very persistent and think that you want them, but you just don’t realize it yet….so in their case, no means he’ll try again tomorrow.  I’m just saying…

Thanks for tuning in….




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