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Found Love In A Hopeless Place…BullSh*t

Okay…so let’s go ahead and get to obvius out of the way. Whatever you think of Pop Music, Rhianna (who by the way was not mentioned in Girls Girls Girls) let’s get this straight…THIS SONG IS COMPLETELY ABSURD! Oh and miss me with the whole, “but the guy looks like Chris Brown” and “this song is a methaphor for what she perceived her relationship to be like”….both ideas, while on the surface could have some relevance, really does not begin to fully underline the true message in the music. However, never fear, I am here to illuminate, once again, what is really going on in this song. Let’s look at the lyrics, shall we.

Fine Print: The point of this particular blog is to prove that fact that the idea of finding love in a hopeless place is a lye and impossible. It is not neccessarliy an attempt to highlight the stupidity of Rhianna’s music or belittle the seriousness of her experiences that may or may not be contained within her lyrics of video…which sucks…fyi.

1. Yellow diamonds in the light and we’re standing side by side – diamonds are precious stones that are broken down into for criteria when determining it’s true value (Carat, Clarity, Cut and Color). When diamonds are exposed in light, they cast a brilliance that allows the untrained eye to be impressed with item that contains it (i.e. a ring, or bracelet) and shields the flaws. This is partly the reason why jewelry stores are always so bright, because they want buyers to fall in love with the perception so that when the glance over the criteria of why they are about to charge you 3x what the item is worth…you don’t care. But I digress. It’s only when you examine the diamond closely, typically under microscope, that the natural flaws embedded within become glaring. The color yellow serves as an adjective to this diamond shining in the light, speaks to what’s underneath this brilliant perception. The color yellow has commonly been used as a metaphor for FEAR. As the light shines we see that the fear is not an individual fear, but it is being shared by at least two people standing side by side to each other; it almost carries the impression that the individuals are standing side by side almost trying to hide from the fact that what or who they really are is about to be exposed as they shine under this “light”.

2. As your shadow crosses mine what it takes to come alive- shadows have been used to contrast light in many media outlets. Shadows raise our awareness to the dark side of ourselves or situations, or others. While these individuals are being exposed under further examination, the appearance is that the one person shadow is potentially shining a cast over the other; almost protective like. However, when the one individual says that it takes the shadows or dark places to make their dark shadows come alive, then we have, instead of protection, enabling and destructive influence. The appearance is that the individual only feels alive when she is consumed by the shadow or dark places of her companion…that’s dangerous!

3. It’s the way I’m feeling, I just can’t deny, but I gotta let it go- moment of clarity right? Biggest thing about this is the fact that your feelings are competing as well. Sometimes they lie, sometimes they lead you to the truth. Sometimes they are sharing two different messages at the same time and you have to make a decision of which way to go.

4. Shine a light through an open door, love a life i will divide- a different light now being shined that leads to an open door, a metaphor for an escape. Often times when we are not smart enough to make a decision with the given information that we have, things will happen that almost force us to go one way over the other. Usually when you are in the midst of destruction, your escape will always lead you to a better place. But again the door being open is only as good as you walking through it. This, individual will have to choose a life that will require them to feel less alive because they will have to leave the darkness of the shadows and be split or divided from the other person.

5. Turn away cause I need you more, feel the heartbeat in my mind- this just reaffirms the reality that a tough decision needs to be made about leaving a destructive situation. The heartbeat of the mind suggest that instead of feelings making the plea for a different decision, now the brain is trying to take over and override all emotional constraints.

6. We Found Love In a Hopeless Place- is just a flat out lie. To find something insists that you were first looking for it. If you are in a hopeless place the last thing that you would find is love. You may find coping mechanisms, destruction, defeat, lust, fear etc in a hopeless place, but not love. Perfect love drives out fear. Hope is almost a pre requisite when trying to move from a desolate place to one of positive change. Love and hopelessness will not ever live in the same place…EVER.

It’s true that this song, especially when you tie it to the video, can also paint a picture of what happens when an addict tried to separate from their drug of choice. However, because of the relational world that we live in and given the fact that the images provided were of a male and female then I chose to focus on the relationship undertones. So there! Bottom line…you should not ever go looking for a hopeless place to find love and if you find yourself in a hopeless place and think that you will be rescued by someone in the same situation as you….you will continue to be deeply disappointed.


2 thoughts on “Found Love In A Hopeless Place…BullSh*t

  1. Very Nice. I totally agree with everything that you are saying. The only thing I can say is that you are assuming that everyone knows what true love is. When there is a void and someone comes along and fills it, the perception can be that they are in love. At the time, the two flawed people (yellow diamonds) feel that they have met their match. The high that they feel in the beginning fades revealing their flaws and lead them into destructive behavior. Neither is willing to let go immediately hoping to once again feel that high of what they have perceived as “love”.

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