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We a Bunch of Gangsta’s

Forget Ninja’s in Paris, We Got Gangsta’s in Locker Rooms!!

A good friend of The Block wrote an article a while back about the intellectual thug and how that term was sort of silly. And as a collective we, The Block, generally believe that there are no real gangsters in college.  I think we may need to revisit that thought after this Saturday’s melee in men’s college basketball.  After a week of heated trash talking on twitter and sports talk radio, the tension was palpable for the Cincinnati vs. Xavier cross-town rivalry game. Everything was copasetic until one of the Cincy players didn’t like what was said to him and remembered he was G!! Then keeping it real went wrong.  The bench clearing brawl was in heavy rotation on Sports Center and even made several cycles of national news.  Now fights happen often in sports, it’s even a condoned part of hockey!!!  Though the fight was unfortunate, it was not the worse part of the ordeal.  That came later…..during the interview after the game is where things got fooleywang.

One of the Xavier players involved in the scuffle (it really wasn’t that different than the average fight at the Y over a hard foul) got on the mic and made a damn fool of himself. I know he is a kid but you should know better than to say what this knucklehead said to national media outlets. I can’t even quote this joker, it won’t do it justice! You’ve got to hear it for yourself, from the horse’s ass mouth. You’ve got to see the passion in his eyes and the look of “what I just said is some of realest sh*t ever!!!” on his face.  Watch this ish son:

Really?! You ignorant little… (You fill in the blank with something nice, cause I can only think of bad words to complete the phrase).  I know you were in the heat of the moment but #comeonMAN!  What kills me the most is how serious dude is!  Go back and watch it again.  He is speaking like he just nailed a tough question from Roland Martin.  He is DEAD ASS SINCERE!!  Someone please get this dude off the mic.  His teammates aren’t much better, talking about “where they from” this is the typical reaction.  Yea, but you ain’t where you from, you in an arena with 25k crazy fans on NATIONAL TV!!!!  These young men are obviously not gangsters or thugs or even bad kids, they just didn’t make the wisest decision this weekend.  This beef started on Twitter, nuff said.  Fellas serve your suspensions, get it together, and bounce back from this wiser than you were before it. 

But I blame the college too.  I’m really not sure why the kids from Xavier were even made available after the game. Why did the university allow them the opportunity to embarrass themselves and the college further?  You can not get on national TV and call your team “a bunch of gangsters” and then try to clean it up.  It doesn’t work that way.  You all are not gangsters; you are student athletes at two prestigious universities with rigorous academic standards.  In addition, there is already a thought that you weren’t smart enough to get in those schools if not for you wicked jumps hot and things like this reinforcing that thought. 

These young men are put in peculiar situations when they are given a platform to interact with national media outlets and represent themselves and their universities.  I think it should be mandatory that these kids receive some sort of PR training or that the school have a media savvy consultant available to teach these kids how to handle themselves on the podium.  Because the issue with this entire ordeal is not the fight, it was ugly but nothing 24hrs on ESPN would play out.  The issue is how these young black men portrayed themselves in the interview afterward; as irreverant “gangsta’s…..tough guys” reppin’ “where [they] from”, instead of apolegetic student atheletes embarassed about losing their tempers and composure.

So who is at fault here the players for their interview or the college for letting them get up there in the first place?  Are most of thes players just gansters in college? And was I the only one that saw Jared Sullinger and a KU player do the GD handshake during the pregame? 


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