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Shut The F*ck Up…So I Know It’s Real

Some of you may or may not know this about me, but I wouldn’t consider myself much of a talker. I much prefer to listen and observe than to make meaningless jabber. Don’t get me wrong; given my wit and intellect I can carry a good conversation with just about anyone, but I absolutely hate having to force a conversation when I don’t have anything to talk about. This is one of the reasons why I haven’t written anything for The ShoeBag in months; because I had nothing that interested me enough to put on wax. That’s also why I’m not much of a fan of small talk. You know those random moments throughout the day when a co-worker or acquaintance stops by your cube to talk about nothing at all as if I’m actually interested in their kids dance classes. If there’s a pause for anywhere close to a second, I’ll walk away from the conversation without hesitation. Either that, or put my headphones back on as if they’re not even standing there. It’s absolutely hilarious for me to see two people stare at each other for like three seconds trying to think of something to say before just chalking it up as a failed conversation. Silence is golden as far as I’m concerned. I often wonder how those people who post Facebook statuses and tweet nonsense about nothing all day, every day used to function before the social media boom. It must have been tough for them to be left alone with their thoughts with no way to get them out. Not that I’m judging the people who do this, but damn it, at least be entertaining or informative if you choose do so.

As a younger lad I used to think that I would have to end up with a woman who was much more of a talker than I. Because if she wasn’t, then that likely meant we’d be sitting in silence for hours and hours on end. Now that I’m older and I’ve dated a few chicks who just won’t shut the hell up, I realize how crazy of an idea that was. I blame romantic comedies that have convinced everyone that unless one has endless deep conversations, then there’s no connection between a person and his or her significant other. I’m sure most, if not all, of us have been out with someone and had to experience that awkward silence, then one person tries to think of something to spark the conversation up again, but it doesn’t go across well. No? Just me? Cool. So last night as I was doing some channel surfing, I came across one of my favorite movies ever, Pulp Fiction. Despite the fact that I think Quentin Tarantino uses the word “nigger” in his movies way too much when it’s not even warranted, he’s a damn good filmmaker. Anyway, one of my favorite parts of the movie is when John Travolta’s character and Uma Thurman’s character are having dinner and one of her lines is the idea that I’ve come to find truer than true in most respects. No matter how great of a conversation you can have with someone, the best way to know if you’ve found a good match is if you can sit in silence with them and be just as comfortable.  “You know you’ve found someone special when you can just shut the fuck up.” Indeed.


One thought on “Shut The F*ck Up…So I Know It’s Real

  1. Well said sir. I’m to the point where I get irritated when someone tries to force a convo via text. If the first 2 text messages are about anything, don’t expect a response from me.

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