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Is This What We Paid For?

Remember when that old woman in Tyler Perry’s Family Reunion made the statment, “Is this what we paid for?” She was referring to all of the coonery and bafoonery (I know those aren’t words necessarily but you get what I’m saying) that she witnessed on the way to the shotgun house?

As I celebrated 10 years in Alpha yesterday, I started to reflect on all the memories, all the ups and downs, the brotherhood etc. I then started to wonder if I would have seen the relevance of joining one of the historic organizations that compose the “Divine 9” if I were a current college co-ed…..which has led me to today’s post. Join me as I play out my thoughts in a dialogue with the members of today’s Divine 9 Council.

Founders: What you want Ninja?

Aspirant: I was wondering if I could get some more information about your prestigious organizations. I’m thinking about joining one.

Dog Founder: Ninja is you serious? You just gone come out in broad daylight and ask openly?

Sphinx Founder: Chill out Dog, what organization were you interested in?

Kane Founder: Not ours, this ninja don’t dress fly enough.

Aspirant: But I thought you guys were founded on Achievement in Every Field of Human Endeavor?

Kane Founder: We are and that translates today as achieving in looking good, pimpin hoes, smoking dope…ninja you know how it go; you been at our parties.

Aspirant: But What about…

Dog Founder: Look little ninja. Are you ready to go through this process tho?

Aspirant: Well, i was on the national website and I saw that intake weekend was…

Dog Founder: This ninja ain’t ready (laughter ensues from the Council)… he talking about the National Intake…

Aspirant: Oh yeah. You talking about the hazing stuff? I know there’s more and I want to be real so what do I have to do.

Blue Founder: All of our organizations are non-hazing (chuckles).

Sphinx Founder: Well Pre-Pledging is a must; and this is a good time if you want to join with us. We got a bunch of stuff going on and we need someone to get all the logistical stuff together; you know taking clothes to the cleaners, driving us around so we don’t use our gas…stuff like that.

Aspirant: Well what is the lesson in that?

Dog Founder: Brotherhood ninja. If you can’t help your brothers in need, then you ain’t fit to join any of these groups.

Blue Founder: Don’t I have Chamistry with you? If you join us, I will be needing those homework assignments and the occasional looking over your shoulder.

Aspirant: But that’s cheating and unethical;

Dog Founder: Brotherhood ninja.

Kane Founder: We currently are not recognized on campus. But you can just go renegade, graduate and then join a grad chapter?

Aspirant: Renegade?

Kane Founder: yeah but don’t sweat it. We take the money you would spend for the organization and we hold it until you graduate. It gives us assurance that you are committed to us.

Sphinx Founder: And we are currently on Academic Probation; but if we get 4 of our members to get a 3.5 this semester and then take 4 of our other members of the roster, we should be back in the Fall.

Aspirant: But isn’t one of your pillars scholarship?

Sphinx Founder: How dare you challenge my Phrat?! He’s not fit for us…y’all can have him.

Blue Founder: Well can you step? Do you have rhythm? Anything resembling dance skills?

Aspirant: Not really

Blue Founder: We Out too…this ninja ain’t gone misrepresent our legacy.

Kane Founder: Well we already no your wardrobe game is faulty? How you feel about these B*thches?

Aspirant: I try to respect women at all times.

Kane Founder: We out! Got a reputation to maintain.

Aspirant: But i don’t understand how any of the things that you have talked about have anything to do with why your organizations were founded in the first place. Where’s the scholarship, the achievement, the love, the service, the manhood?

Dog Founder: Look ninja times have changed. We pledge…HARD! You either down or you ain’t. We make you sacrifice all for us! Struggling with grades, get your time management together. Can’t go run an errand for us because you have to work, call in sick. You go to do whatever you got to do to get in this organization. And by the looks of it, we all you have left? So what’s it gone be ninja?

Aspirant: So basically all you can offer me is stuff that I can accomplish without your organization?

Centaur Founder: You can always join us. We not as old as these other groups.

Aspirant: And you are?

Centaur Founder: You know what, you’re right. Never mind.

Dog Founder: Look we can offer you gaudy shoe stereotypes, a good time, and guarantees that ain’t nobody fighting you…ever.

Aspirant: Are the sororities like this too?

Sphinx Founder: Pretty much, accept they won’t let you in if you slept with they man at any time, especially if they weren’t with them at the time.

Kane Founder: They don’t let these B*tches in either if they went to other B*tches informational meetings.

Dog Founder: Well we do that to…but they focus more on whether or not a broad fits the physical stereotype of their organization…we don’t do that; well not as much.

Aspirant: Well i appreciate your time. I have a lot to think about. I mean truth be told, I’m insecure, need to have a sense of belonging with someone and i really want some letters so that chicks will notice me.

Founders: Now you starting to get it?

Aspirant: If I have more questions what should i do?

Founders: Do Your History…we mean Your Research!


Greek Members reading this post: Is this what we paid for? Non Greeks reading this post: Is this really what you want?



13 thoughts on “Is This What We Paid For?

  1. I found the post to be highly befitting until the bashing of Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, Inc (R) the statement made in this article is an echo of statements made by the ignorant individuals you just mocked yourself. It is a young organization making a come up and has managed to steer r clear within their purpose and founding. Men of IOTA are constantly bashed and under represented and all that is fine, all in all I did not take much offense, because articles like this where not much can truly be said about IOTA is always fair compliment.

    • I think that was the point I was trying to make and I guess I didn’t make it that well. In Texas it wasn’t so much that Iotas were bashed,they were barely even acknowledged. I knew an Iota as a freshman and he was cool. But he never promoted his fraternity and as a result it was never viewed as a viable option by anyone In the southern region at least. Thanks for the comment.

    • Well I think he bashed everybody overall based on their current stereotypes. Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, Inc (R) has no stereotypes because where we from we don’t know any….it’s like searching for really cute Zetas, needle in a haystack. yea, I just said that outloud…LOL

  2. You made some valid points…sounds about right for the times. It’s almost like there isn’t anything left to do. Like when the frats were founded in the early 1900’s, 1906 to be exact, there was plenty going on in the world, especially the US. Then there was the Civil Rights movement….now what? Can “greeks” fix a recession? Ain’t no frat gonna take a stand for gay right, cuz that’s basically gay. Can “greeks” get America out the “war” that’s not defined as a war, but still sending troops away?

    I enjoyed reading this tho…even I was once known for taking full advantage of my letters with the ladies, I still managed to do some important work on campus and in the community in my undergrad days so I feel I found a good balance. Not sure how the Founders would look at it tho, cuz to me it seemed that were doing bigger things since bigger things needed to be done back then.

  3. IOTA are WACK get over it and quit crying the point of the message is that Black Greeks like majority of black people are worried about the wrong thing. Quit crying in this blog and go make an impact on the youth and make a better tomorrow for the BLACK man. Iotas are clowns..

    • Way to represent yourself. And how old are we again. If you’re a member of a BGLO then you might prescribe to fit one of the aforementioned stereotypes.

  4. This was an excellent Blog. I was considering doing another Greek blog, but you took the cake with this one. Shout out to Blue Founders though, lol. If you can’t step you can’t go Sigma!! BLU PHI! But seriously though, BGLOs are on an Undergraduate level have no common goal to achieve aside from a great social College experience. We are no longer the talented 10th, no longer a constant positive impact to the community, and are mirroring the myth of “organized gangs.”

  5. I bet the cat that wrote this is not an active member in his frat. Hasn’t paid dues in years or gone to a grad meeting since he was in undergrad. I know for a fact that the grad chapters are making waves in the community. The issue is people like this author that likely have status and influence over undergrad bruhs and only give advice and counseling without modeling the behaviir of a good brother. Just a thought.

    • Thank you for the reply. As author of this post I am not currently affiliated with a graduate chapter, not because of lack of interest, but because I have chosen to make other commitments (church leadership, wife, kids, career) more of my priority. Now I hope that as a whole graduate chapters are making some headyway with undergraduate chapters nationwide, because for the areas that I live in they are not easily visible. The post actually was born out of conversation with college students that I work with daily as it relates to their greek interest. I always challenge them to look at every organization greek and non greek alike; as a whole as well as on their campud to see if the values of those groups line up with their own. I also see everyday what some of these greek orgs present daily to the outside world in the areas that I live and work in. I try and role model being a responsible adult and a person who tries to make good decisions. I hope that what I describe is more the exception and not the rule

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  7. Interesting:

    I am taken back to the days on the yard when first discovering Black Greek Letter Organizations (BGLOs). If you came from my neighborhood you didn’t know what they were, who they were or what are their objectives. Raised in the North East, it wasn’t until I was 17/18 to my first exposure. Then, the interest came.

    Discovering the Divine 9 was a great experience. It was hard to find out about any of them, but to watch the people that associated with them. To discover what they stood/stand for and how they operate. It was also interesting to discover the personalities of the individuals that are/were my friends at the time. To see how being a member of the organization did change and have an impact on their perceived status.

    Your choice of depiction is a current trend of our organizations. I say our organizations because we are all impacted by these organizations whether a member or not. We find usefulness of the organization structure, the networking aspect, the building of a person. It isn’t until we explore the process that we understand the true meaning of the journey.

    I can tell you that we all have to understand the trials of the lives we choose. We are looking at young men and women who are coming into their own and passing on the same traits that were given to them. However, the principals of the organization haven’t changed, the individuals in them are now different.

    Can you tell me why in the early 1900s there was a need for the organizations? it was a way to unite us mostly during the struggles of the oppression of the time. We need to understand the history to understand why we are here today. I would tell the young man that you mentor, look not at what is in front of you, look to what the foundation of where these organizations stand. There are always individuals who will make it better and worst. Your journey to that organization will be tough and you will be battle tested. This is how life has evolved and even outside of the organizations, our society does the same.

    I suggest that we always seek to understand the reason we are attracted to the organization, find the good, and travel that road to attain our personal goals.

    To any member of the Divine 9 seek out an undergrad or an alumni and dialog about the experience and history. Gain a better understanding to the life you choose.

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