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Free Conrad!!!

Now before we all get up in arms about our beloved Michael Jackson, let it be known that he was the greatest performer of all-time. I don’t believe anyone will come close to impacting the world like Michael Jackson through their craft. Maybe the Beatles, or Beyonce (yeah Beyonce, check her track record. For the idiots I’m not talking about weave).  Now with that being said, we all have to admit MJ had issues long before Conrad Murray came along. Let’s look at MJ’s record before we get to ol’ Conrad Murray.

 Michael has Daddy issues, despised his father in many ways, but yet “WITHOUT JOSEPH JACKSON” there would be no Jackson 5, or Michael Jackson as a solo artist. That’s right no flash dances of thriller! Joseph and Michael came up in a time where Black men couldn’t be weak. They had to provide for their families because lack of rights they had. Yeah people had to fight so that you can dougie and look like a girl now. That’s another story, but picture this…you have 10 kids (one died right after birth) in the house. You work doubles, maybe triple shifts just to provide for these babies. Hell Joseph didn’t have time to even name those babies, (Sigmund, Toriano, Maureen Reillette, seriously)!! As they get older, they come of their own. Now remember this is a time where kids had to get a job, or some type of side hustle. Joseph introduced them to music. Joseph didn’t have much time to show them dance moves for two and three hours at a time. They had to get it right while Joe was at work. I can imagine Joe like, “I’m gone sho ya this dance routine ONE TIME! WHEN I GET BACK YOU BETTER GET IT RIGHT!” Coming from a former boxer I wouldn’t have called his bluff. So Joe gets home everyone sleep, pissed he hasn’t slept, he wake everyone up to show him that routine. They show him the routine and its alllllll eff’d up!! What would you do! “GO GET ME THAT BELT!!” But didn’t it all pay off! I know my ass whoopings paid off and I’m only a business coordinator.

 Furthermore, Michael Jackson, grown ass man hollering about he didn’t have a child life. We so spoiled and don’t even know it. Poor to us is being on welfare. Poor to some other person in the world is dying by the age of six because they don’t have clean water to drink or vaccinations. He has all these kids over to his house, mistake one. I really don’t believe Michael touched any of those kids. You know those parents probably coax those kids into them believing something that really didn’t happen for a payoff. Yes, there are some people out there that look to come up on somebody else dime. Kim K, Super Head, Kevin Federline, the list goes on! What makes it worse he kept bringing kids over to spend the night!! Michael…”C’MON MAAAN!” We all can see your setting yourself up for failure.

 Finally about Michael without words being added:

So Michael has all these issues going on in his life, no wonder he can’t sleep at night. Touring, money issues, and pending cases takes its toll on your body. It made him restless. He hires Dr. Conrad Murray as personal doctor, who would turn down to be Michael Jackson doctor. Now before Michael died of blood toxicities, and a cardiac arrest, he was using Propofol long before. He knew the dosage and sometimes other doctors let him inject himself. Dr. Conrad Murray was trying to wing him of using the drug. He knew Michael body wasn’t withstanding because his veins were coarse. After two months of giving him Propofol, and the night of Michaels death, he gave him other drugs to counteract to get Michael to sleep. I’m not scientist and chemist, but I know you can’t give multiple medications without something bad happening.  Conrad is guilty of negligence, but manslaughter to an already ailing person. In that case all the other doctors Michael has had should be guilty as well. It just so happen to be on Murray’s watch. I tried to put myself in Dr. Conrad’s shoes, and I really don’t see myself telling the King of Pop, no I’m not going to give you this medication. You think you have done all the proper steps to keep Michael out of harm, but he body is so complex you never know how we are going to react. Is Conrad negligent to just check Michael into a hospital? Yes! Was Conrad just seeing green? Yes!! But is he the cause of Michael’s death? I would have to say…Not Guilty!! So I say that to say this..FREE CONRAD!! (T-Shirts Coming soon…)


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