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Colored Friday

Welcome back to The Block after our holiday hiatus. Now that Black Friday & Cyber Monday has come and gone, let’s dig into the foolishness.

So Crowded

So I can honestly say I’ve never participated in any Black Friday’n, mainly because I’d rather “pay the five” than to literally fight crowds. Plus I’m normally at work being in the car business….although I did have the pleasure of working for Conn’s one season where my actual first day on the job was Black Friday. Needless to say I was no longer employed there by Christmas.

In my opinion there are plenty things fatally flawed with today’s “sales”. One common misconception is that everything is on sale….nope. The stores place a few hot items on sale at reduced prices to get people in their doors, called “door busters”. Then they expect that while you’re already in there with the shopping spirit all up on you that you’ll buy other stuff on your Christmas list as well.

Another flaw that I’m beginning to notice is the timing. When I was growing up my aunts would get up at like 4a-5a to be at the stores before they opened at 6a for the sales. But now it seems like every year a store opens earlier to be the first open so other stores follow suit to keep up. Now a days I’m seeing stores open at 10p or midnight on Thanksgiving night. So much for their employees spending time with their families. Other stores are almost like fuck it as they just offer sales all week long….especially online. Pretty soon Black Friday will fade away to become “Spend All Your Money Thanksgiving Week” or even “Negro November”. At that point companies will be open extended hours for sales and their employees won’t see their families to Christmas maybe.

So you want me to wait in line AND pay for something? Fail

And on that crazy companies note, let’s get on the “limited quantities”. This is the complete cause for utter chaos. See the company says they will sell a 70″ flat screen plasma LCD LED 3D TV for $199.99 and folks lose their got damn minds. Then they say only 10 available per store and that’s how you have people lined up outside on Wednesday night. I mean they’re missing all of Thanksgiving and their dumbass don’t even notice that they are #12 in line, so unless 2 folks in front of them don’t want the TV they are screwed. And where there is an abundance of people gathered, there has to be a few idiots. Like the woman in WalMart that pepper-sprayed people for cutting in line. Then you have the same “I got trampled” story every year. Stop the madness people.

Did you find any awesome deals this year? Did you witness any madness? Share with us.

Thanks for tuning in…



6 thoughts on “Colored Friday

  1. I do all of my shopping at about 8:30am on Friday. There is nothing I need at midnight or at 5am. I did find a wonderful sale at Macy’s. They opened at 7am on Saturday. It was me and about 8 other people in the store. It was wonderful Christmas shopping!

    • I don’t think I’ve ever participated to get a great deal on anything…they either don’t have anything I need or want or I don’t have the funds to get whats on sale anyway

  2. i got some good deals online. not for christmas gift items, just for some things for myself that were at a good sale price. i like that online things are on sale all week and i can shop from the comfort of my home in my pajamas and with a plate of food on my lap and it just ships during normal business hours. i feel bad for retail workers. i know that they set a record of sales and that’s great for the economy i guess, but i like receiving gifts because someone thought i deserved something nice, not because they got it dirt cheap at 12:01am and some sucker had to be up to sell it to them.

    • i like receiving gifts because someone thought i deserved something nice, not because they got it dirt cheap at 12:01am and some sucker had to be up to sell it to them.


      What really trips me out is that every year the horror stories get worse. stampedes, stepping over dying elderly, pepper spray, shoot outs, fisticuffs, etc. all over Rock-n-Roll Elmo and $2 DVD/BluRay combo packs. It just isn’t worth it.

  3. There was a guy posted on Tuesday afternoon outside of a Best Buy with camping gear here in Round Rock. He wanted to be sure he was first in line for their $200 LED 42″ TVs. So in his eyes, saving $200 bucks on a TV was worth waiting in line over 48 hours. Since time = money in my opinion and many economists, he actually OVERPAID for this item. Gots to be mo’ careful!

    • LMAO. That sounds like me and my lotto playing….I subtract how much I’ve spent on tickets total from any of my winnings…so if I buy $20 worth of tickets and win $25 off a single $2 ticket, I didnt win $23, I won $5.

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