Lust and Love / Real Talk, No Kevin Hart

I’m on that Kryptonite

Kryptonite – n. crypt-O-night. Mythical substance that weakens comic book hero Superman (shards of his home planet Krypton) 2. n. colloquialism for strong marijuana – usually a hybrid version grown underwater and combined with another illegal substance to increase its potency, i.e. Purple Ribbon All-Stars. 3. Thing (usually a person) that knocks the cool out yo step.

The way most of us operate and function on a day to day basis qualifies us as super heroes. We leap life’s hurdles in a single bound, reach career goals faster than a speeding bullet, and have x-ray vision to tell when folks are hating. Hell, balancing a checkbook in this economy damn near grants you membership to the Justice League, no Rick Ross. But we grew up on super heroes so we know they all have a weakness, an Achilles Heel. Most of us manage fight off our villains pretty well. We have learned how to deal with drama, bills, success and failure. But all of us have Kryptonite. That one noun or proper noun that just throws salt in the game.  You know what I’m talking bout.  The thought that just ran across your mind when I first defined Kryptonite, is your Kryptonite.  You can deny it all you want and should try to fight it as much as you can but you can’t run away from the Kryptonite oh baby hey baby cause it’s got you locked oh yeah *Lauryn Hill before she got got by her Kryptonite*.

And it’s different for all of us. One person’s Kryptonite is another person’s bologna sandwich as to say not that big of deal.  Strangely enough there are some common Kryptonite’s that occur among genders, races, and social classes.  For most men our Kryptonite is women, more specifically it’s that Good Good! For those that know better than to chase everything with a skirt, it may not be women but a woman. Rather a specific woman or a type of woman, most men’s Kryptonite or moments of weakness can be traced to a female. Women tend to have the same issue but with a narrower scope. They are more likely to have a particular type of guy and more often than not their Kryptonite has a name and their phone number!!  They also seem to be susceptable to name brand hand bags, expensive shoes, and reality TV.

Now my Kryptonite is the bubble, the bubble keeps me in trouble.   And don’t let her have a little hood in her it’s a wrap son!!  But for some of us our Kryptonite is inanimate. For some of us it’s food, liquor, the streets, attention, or money. Sometimes it’s our family and our inability to say no. Whatever it is, it makes us who we are. It keeps things exciting. Every superhero needs a nemesis and every nemesis needs something to level the playing field. Whatever your Kryptonite may be, understand that you can beat it!!  You see Kryptonite is simply pieces of Superman’s home planet. It’s where he was born and where his people lived for centuries. It’s only harmful to him because it’s not where it belongs. It’s not in its proper place and therefore the thing that should sustain him makes him weak.  Don’t spend time avoiding your Kryptonite; a better use of your time would be to put it in its proper place.


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