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N.W.A. – N**gaz With AIDS

DISCLAIMER:  This blog is being authored during the Monday Night Football game considering Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 drops at midnight!

Today marks the 20th Anniversary of the day that Magic Johnson “retired” from the game of basketball after realizing he had mysteriously contracted the HIV virus.  Praise God, Magic is still living and healthy…buying up Starbuck’s locations and over-charging black folks for popcorn at the movies.  But I had to stop and think about it….so HIV/AIDS has no cure, how much did Magic spend to keep on living?  I mean I’m a firm believer in the fact that money makes the world go around, but with as many people dying each day from HIV/AIDS, how can one rich guy beat it?

It’s statistically proven that poor people get AIDS more than the wealthy in the United States.  That must mean somebody is hiding something somewhere.  It essentially breaks down to the fact that poor people are socially, geographically, and economically isolated within the USA. Once a disease (like HIV) is introduced into such a population, it is more likely that the virus will stay within a population of similar socio-economic conditions.  Poverty, not race, is perhaps the most important factor in whether inner-city heterosexuals are infected with the AIDS virus, according to the first government study of its kind.  The study suggests that HIV is epidemic in certain poverty-stricken urban neighborhoods. And, more significantly, poor heterosexuals in those neighborhoods were twice as likely to be infected as heterosexuals who lived in the same community but had more money.  Federal scientists found that race was not a factor there were no significant differences between blacks, whites or Hispanics.

The research was done in high-poverty neighborhoods in 23 U.S. cities. It focused on heterosexuals who don’t use intravenous drugs; that group accounts for about 28 percent of Americans living with HIV. It did not involve gay or bisexual men, who have the highest rates of HIV in the United States….YES HOMO!

The results: HIV was detected in 2.4 percent of the people who were living below the federal poverty line, which in 2007 was an annual income of roughly $10,000 or less for an individual. The 2.4 percent translates to roughly 1 in 42 people.  In contrast, infections were found in 1.2 percent of people in the same neighborhoods who made more money than the federal poverty guideline. That’s 1 in 83 people.

I’m not trying to get you guys caught up, and while we’re on the subject, GO GET TESTED!  Don’t think that if you get a raise at work, you can go have more unprotected sex…that’s just ridiculous.  But I’m really about to blow your mind with the following information.  There is a doctor out there that the big pharmaceutical companies are trying to keep quiet about his test findings.  Are you all ready to have your mind blown?  Here we go:

Dr. Montagnier doesn’t mince words. He’s very clear on the points he’s making, saying them several times in different ways. His points are, essentially (paraphrased):

• You can be exposed to AIDS without getting infected.
• A strong immune system can protect you against AIDS.
• With the help of good nutrition, you can fight off AIDS.
• The importance of AIDS vaccines is exaggerated.
• AIDS can be approached with low-cost, highly-effective alternatives to vaccines.
• What the African people really need is better nutrition to protect themselves from AIDS.
• The facts about nutrition and AIDS are being neglected (by the medical establishment).

He’s not wishy-washy about these things. He speaks with clear intent and does not waver on these points.

Yeah, I’m here to be controversial.  Considering the fact that statistics have proven that the poorer you are, the higher chance you have to contract HIV/AIDS, do you feel there is any truth to this conspiracy theory?  Considering “Magic Johnson got it, and Easy E died” – Pimp C, do you think the big money pharmacy folks are hiding some truths about the virus?

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6 thoughts on “N.W.A. – N**gaz With AIDS

  1. This is some good info. A few months ago, there was an article about an AIDS vaccine that had some promising results. When people ask Magic how he stays so healthy, he always talks about his diet and his nutrition. They can’t even detect the disease in his system anymore!! Does that make this a C.O.N.-spiracy?

  2. I’ve been trying to tell people for years that “they” are conspiring to get rid of poor folks. AIDS, cancer, obesity, the sugars, etc., etc. can be prevented through good nutrition or reversed through good nutrition…yet, how many poor folks can afford nutitious food?! Hell, how many “middle class” folks can afford it?! don’t worry, I’ll wait.

    great blog, pet usual. 🙂

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