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Guilty Pleasure Principle

I heard an interview with funny man Jack Black discussing his love for the reality show Project Runway.  He stated that he loved watching it and didn’t want any spoilers because he was two episodes behind on his DVR.  It was his guilty pleasure, but he didn’t feel bad about it, so it was a “pleasure pleasure”.  And it was pretty confusing because I am a fan of Jack Black but I’ve also seen a couple seasons of Project Runway, and the two don’t mix.

Then I remembered a little show I was a giant fan of back in the late 90s.  At this time I was an upperclassman in high school so I was either busy doing AP homework and driving to some party at Braeswood Inn (ahh the memories).  I was leaning towards my now discriminatory taste in movies and paid attention to things like, oh I don’t know, substance and plot.  But every Saturday around 4pm I’d stop whatever I was doing and watch this show on FOX.

VIP with Pamela Anderson.

From what I can recall she owned a spy agency that found kidnapped people or they were bodyguards or something.  There was the sexy badass chick.  The sexy brainy chick.  The sexy nerdy receptionist chick.  And Pam Anderson.  There might have been a Black guy on there or something channeling some sort of homage to Designing Women.  I can’t really remember.  I just now a lot of things got blown up and Pamela Anderson was in charge.  And I LOVED IT!

Very embarrassing to admit because in what world would Pamela Anderson be in charge of anything or program a computer, or even a cell phone.  I wouldn’t even admit to friends at school that I was into the show if a discussion about it came up.  My only admittance was that I knew of the show but that was the most depth I’d give.  It was like that episode of Seinfeld when Jerry wouldn’t admit that he loved Melrose Place and failed the lie detector test.  That was me and VIP.

All these years later I can finally admit that was my guilty pleasure.  And if it was on Netflix I’d probably stream it (yeah I cut the DVDs out my plan so what!).  Whew.  What a relief.

What’s your guilty pleasure that you can now admit to liking?  Got a thing for bad movies, or bad TV, or have some crazy food mashup that makes you feel crazy for eating but you swear is the best thing ever??? Spill it!


8 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasure Principle

  1. I watched VIP too… it was humorous. I’m not sure that I have any real guilty pleasure shows that I watched back in the day, but I got some now….Jersey Shore, Storage Wars, Parking Wars, Wizards of Waverly Place…(and not because my kid likes to watch it)…

  2. Yeeeeeeeup – Dave from Storage Wars is a monster!!! and Parking Wars is my show. I also watch Phineas and Ferb and Penguins of Madagascar (my kids like it because I watch it).

    Back in the day my guilty pleasure was General Hospital and Y&R (Victor Newman is America’s CEO).

    I also need sauce on every food I eat no matter what!!

  3. As a kid, I used to absolutely love Dukes of Hazard…even had the General Lee on one of my bday cakes….Rebel Flag or not, that show was my shit. Now that I’m older, I’d have to say Maury, but I admit to watching it all the time, but it’s a dumb ass show full of dumb ass people. Like really, you need a lie detector to tell you your man is cheating when he disappears for days and you found women’s drawls in your bed?

    Oh and I kinda sorta like Extreme Couponing, but mainly cuz I like to see people beat the system.

  4. ^oh CHRIS!! Dave from SW’s drives me CRAZY (BUT…I still watch)!!!
    My guilt pleasure TV show is….16 & Pregnant!! YES! The most ridiculous show on the planet (or close)! I think I enjoy watching it, b/c that was starting to step out of taboo and into reality when I was 16…not to mention, I can be a nosey person! I believe that you extend your way of thinking when you learn more about cultural taboos- it facinates me!

  5. I keep up with the Kardashians. Yes, I DVR’d kim’s wedding special, I’ve watched the marathons, I watched Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami, and Kim & Kourtney Take New York, Khloe & Lamar, etc. etc. I follow them on twitter, I buy magazines if they’re on the cover…all that shit. I wouldnt call it a guilty pleasure though. I like what I like: rich bitches. Judge me. Ioncare. 🙂

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