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Our Blacks Are Better Than Their Blacks

This ain’t black versus white my n-gga we off that, Please tell Bill O Reilly to fall back, Tell Rush Limbaugh to get off my balls, Its 2010 not 1864 (somebody get me Affion Crockett).  Apparently Jay was right but only half right.  It’s no longer black versus white; it’s now black versus black!! Or at least that’s the message we get when we listen to GOP pundit Ann Coulter.  While defending Hermain Cain on air with Sean Hannity, Coulter said this:

“Our blacks are so much better than their blacks. To become a black Republican, you don’t just roll into it. You’re not going with the flow…and that’s why we have very impressive blacks in the Republican party.”

Now I don’t like to jump to conclusions and I understand that people’s words can get twisted or misquoted, so I watched the segment on the Hannity show before racing to judgement.  After watching her segment in its entirety, I think Ann Coulter may have been high during this segment, but that doesn’t excuse the foolishness coming out of her mouth.  Really “Our blacks” Ann?  So now you are insinuating ownership? Maybe I’m just being sensitive, but this just doesn’t pass the sniff test.  If history has taught us anything it is that jsut because two things go together, it doesn’t mean they are causual.  For instance, IF black republicans were more financially stable than their democrated counterparts, it has nothing to do with how they vote!  Also, because there are so many more black democrats than black republicans, the numbers are easily skewed to favor republican party.  Considering there are very few black republicans and even fewer poor black republicans, any summation of black “better off-ness” by the republican party will be inaccurate due to sample size.

And this comment is really not about numbers or wealth.  This comment is an expose on how people like Ann Coulter feel black people in this country.  We are a commodity to be valued during campaign season and forgotten about once officials get elected.  I’m not letting dem’s off the hook either.  We often have politicians visit our churches and community centers during key election cycles, never to be seen until they are up for re-election.  Most of the people we see in our communities are democrats!!  Politicians in general are slick talkers without much action to back up their claims.  And black people and poor people have been falling for the oke-doke for far too long.  It’s time that we stop allowing our votes and our voices to be taken for granted.  This year let’s not get “Good Wifed.”  This election season, fight your urge to blow off the debates and feel like you don’t have a say.  Fight the urge to simply vote because our forefathers marched and died for the right.  I encourage you to remember this comment “our blacks are better than their blacks”.  If you don’t want this to be a new reality, vote and voice your opinion. Don’t make this a dem vs GOP thing, make this a what have you done for my community lately thing. And as always don’t ask for anything you are not willing to do yourself!

But her comment got me to thinking….was she right?  Are black republicans better off than black democrats? And if so why?


6 thoughts on “Our Blacks Are Better Than Their Blacks

  1. Oh, Ann. What a bright lady. First of all, anything that comes out of her mouth is hot garbage and she knows it (that’s how she makes her money). Second of all, the best thing we can do for her is to simply ignore her bigotry/stupidity/insert negative adjective here/etc.

    Now moving on to your second paragraph, you are absolutely on to something. I sincerely think Herman Cain is good for black voters. One thing I can’t stand (in general, but particularly in my line of work with the Legislature/government) is the assumption that black voters (and in turn, black people in general) are monolithic. Maybe because I grew up around so many black folks, I’m familiar with all the diversity within the black community. Most folks don’t. Politicians especially don’t.

    The way things currently work is this – Many black voters have no use for the GOP and their policies. The GOP knows that so they don’t spend much time worrying about the “black vote”. Dems know they have the “black vote” in the bag, so why should they actually spend time on policies particularly geared towards the “black community”. So it’s a catch-22. I see a lot of Democratic elected officials (white and black) from predominately black districts who simply skate through the process. Very little accountability to the voters.

    Your thoughts are truer in many more instances than most folks would like to believe. Perhaps if politicians were a little less sure about where the “black vote” would fall, you’d see a new layer of accountability fall in place.

  2. Let me clarify – I’m not saying Herman Cain is a good candidate to vote for. I’m just saying the concept of a black Republican with some clout/publicity is a structural positive. Helps break down the Catch-22 referenced in my above comment.

    • I agree that a black republican candidate with a chance is a good thing for the political system. Since it looks like we are stuck with a two party system, it works best that both sides have candidates with skin in the game. When it becomes less about how we can rally the traditional vote and more about how to rally behind the best candidate its good for everyone involved.

      It jsut really irkd me that we allow for candidates to come to our communities, shake hands, kiss babies and make the same promises they failed to come through on last time, and we just vote for them blindly. blind allegiance is not allegiance at all, its slavery!

      • I have a lot of things to say about your last paragraph in the above comment, but have to refrain. I really like my gub’mint job so I have to restrain my opinions on the Interwebs. Lol.

          • Let me put it this way: some politicians are perfectly happy winning the feel-good battles of retail politics and have no concern whatsoever for the war. That being said, some voters are happier to see their elected officials’ name in the paper winning battles or moral victories (instant gratification) than they are sending someone to Austin/DC who’s down to get to work on the actual war (delayed gratification).

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