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Puff’s Passion…gone in a B.I.G. Way

Remember when Bad Boy Records was trying to put that Brand New Flava in your ear? Yeah me too…can’t say that I was really feeling the song or the artist, but I do remember. In fact some of my fondest memories of hip hop came through with the emergence of bad boy in the 90’s. Yeah, i can’t front…I wouldn’t consider myself a true hip hop head..ah who am I kidding…I am extremely commercial and i liked the hip hop that made me feel good about listening when I tuned in to listen. With that said it should come to no surprise when I say that during the time, there was nobody doing it like Sean Puffy Combs…yes…Puff…not necessarily P. Diddy, not Diddy, and definitely not the more recent aliases. I became a true fan when I heard this guy on the remix

To me it seemed like Big and Puff were a match made in hip hop heaven. Big would get on the mic, shred the beat, and Puff with hit you with a random ad lib and goofy looking dance…my type of dude. I mean tell me you ain’t reciting every single piece of Big Poppa or Once More Chance (remix) add libs and all. But when Big died i think a huge piece of Puff died to. The success of this tandem seemingly forced all the love out of Puff and had him resorting to trying to pump out music that was going to fill pockets and not fill the hearts of this new brand of hip hop that he initially was trying to do and success in building when he started.

But at some point the Bad Boy that i grew up digging, became infiltrated with a steady decline of bull crap. I mean and i hadn’t even touched on the fact that I was jamming Mase, Faith Evans, 112, Junior Mafia, the Lox and even Puff’s influence on Mary J and Jodeci…only to be left with Black Rob, two seconds of Shyne, a ridiculous falling off with Lox, a retirement of Mase and the unfortunate television flops of Da Band, Danhnity Kane and Day 26; I won’t even touch on the producer’s effort to sell me on his ability to rap with horrible solo projects and other uninspired musical influences.

Honestly it could just be that I’ve gotten older or that i long for the music that really made you dance versus all this new music that won’t hit the airwaves without one already packaged with it. I could be completely off and because I’m not a true hip hop connoisseur, i just don’t get it.

I just truly believe that if Big was still alive, Bad Boy wouldn’t have gone through so much plastic surgery trying to make itself stay relevant. What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Puff’s Passion…gone in a B.I.G. Way

  1. I like the analogy of BB having plastic surgery, it’s like Lil Kim is the poster child for what happened to BB. BIG dying just sped up the inevitable. He and Puff would have had a falling out sooner or later and then reconnected like snoop and dre. It’s the cycle of hip hop super groups. For some strange reason, I still root for Diddy to win even though his music has a L tattooed on it’s forehead.

  2. When younger, I didn’t really mind Puff’s ad-libs or other annoying habits. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve really come to despise them. Maybe I’m just becoming a fuddy-duddy, but I really think all his interjections and ad-libs seriously devalued the artistic quality of BIG’s albums. Sure, Puff’s involvement on all those tracks are part of the package but had he remained a producer and not a clown, I would definitely enjoy Ready to Die a lot more.

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