Real Talk, No Kevin Hart

Get Ya Mind Right!

Perspective is a mental position or outlook…meaning what you determine, based on what you believe you are seeing or hearing, consistently, is what you will believe. I believe i have touched on this before, but i think it bears brining to our attention again…and again…and again. Having the proper perspective can be the difference between moving forward in your life or remaining a world class treadmill runner. The following  are some examples of how perspective can cause major development that leads to effective change in our lives.

Spirtual– there seems to be much focus on what one person believes versus what another person believes. “There is one true God” versus “there is no God at all”. Regardless of what beliefs, our perspective should be more about how  our personal belief system impacts how we live on a daily basis. If you believe in reincarnation and that the more good you do in your current life will have great benefit when you die (because you will be reincarnated as something positive and valuable) then focus on doing good things instead of trying to convince people your are right. The more you live what you preach, the more opportunties you have to influence or share what you believe and why you believe it, and actually have more people hear you and respect what you are saying.

Relationships (particularly failed ones)- every failed relationship (romantic or otherwise) is not a direct result of someone else’s failures or idiosyncrasies. At some point it becomes imperative to do some soul searching and self inventory. Our perspectives should switch from what somebody else did or did not do for us  to  what we did in the relationships that went well for us or the areas that we could improve in moving forward. If we never allow our perspectives to shift from the blame game to the land or growth and opportunity, then we are more likely to keep repeating the same beaviors, thus reaping the same results.

Here are some other quick perspective changes that lead to more satisfaction in our daily lives:

Stress– Everyday I encounter people who are always talking about how “stressed” they are. When lifting weigths you are essentially “stressing the muscles” by making them work. However the result of stressing or building those muscles leads to a more healthy life and more satisfaction with how you look. When you consider that the brain is another muscle, then when you work it out appropriately,  you will see that stress is actually building your capacity to learn and grow.

Finances– you dont have to make six figures in you job to have a six figure type of lifestyle. If you focus on how to dig up multiple streams of income, then maybe you will not feel so defeated with the current pay structure of your primary job and you won’t keep applying for jobs based on the dollar signs; it is possible to make a good living doing what you are good at and enjoy and capatilizing on some other opportunities that could lead to extra income coming in.

Time– There is no such thing as time management. Everyone gets the same 24 hours in a day. Our perspective should focus more on managing our behavior so that we maximize the allotted time already given to us on a daily basis.

Remember perspective is about you. To some degree its based on your experiences as well as facts, but ultilmately it involves you making sense of your world as it is happening. If your glass is half empty, what stops it from being half full and leading to overflowing? If your world seems to be crumbling down around you, instead of falling into the pit of depression, try seeing it as an opportunity to start some things over and rebuild with a different energy, different strategy and different outlook from what you had before. It’s not always easy, but when you seek a proper perspective on your circumstances you might find that its not as bad as you think.

What are the things in your life that need a perspective adjustment?


Speak on it!

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