Random, Just Read It!

A Case of the Random Mondays

1. Sometimes the best ideas come from things that seem so random that they don’t make sense until somebody else says it or does it….did that make sense?

2. I don’t like cooked fruit; and no my feelings won’t change after eating your momma’s peach cobbler or cousin’s apple pie.

3. I still think I can be a one hit wonder in the rap game…nice beat, catchy hook, and a dance to go with it…who cares that I can’t rap!

4. Attention everyone on twitter: No need to apologize for tweeting it. If you tweeted it, you meant it…all apologies afterwards is complete B.S.

5. Instead of trying to find your PURPOSE; how about connecting to the Purpose Giver?

6. Sometimes starting over can be the best thing you could have done to move forward.

7. I have a theory the relationships between men and women and why they work or don’t work that to this day…has never been disputed.

8. I am not in favor of the death penalty; but I am also not in favor of any activity that would cause the death penalty to be a possible consequence.

9. Be careful who you allow to influence your hearing; Once you hear something over and over, you may start to believe it.

10. I think it’s fascinating that some women will tell you they want a God fearing man, but when you ask them what God fearing means to them…they give you that deer caught in the headlight look.

11. I still have a hard time believing that casual sex is really casual. You didn’t develop any feelings…at all? Ok, maybe you have an addiction; which if it’s an addition, it’s more about the addiction then it is about being causal.

12. Just because they make it in your size, doesn’t mean you should buy it and wear it o_O.

13. Just an observation, but if you don’t have kids, how could you possibly understand the ebbs and flows of childcare?

14. Sexy lace lingerie and high heels, which has been considered sexy, just makes me laugh.

15. I remember when “good hair” was considered the difference between straight and kinky. Now it’s the difference between Yacky 5, Kinikelon, and REMY!

16. Speaking of hair…it’s only yours if you were born with it or if you buy the fake hair. If you buy human hair, even though you bought it, it still ain’t yours.

16. I absolutely refuse to ride a theme park attraction that shoots you straight up only to drop you straight down…I did it once just so I would never have to do it again.

17. I think that just because it is classified as gospel doesn’t make it good for your hearing, especially when it has no mention of Jesus or you can’t find any resemblance of it being based on scripture.

18. While I’m on the subject of religion…if the only way you know that I am a Christian is because I am constantly having to remind you by saying it…I must not be as good of a reflection of Christ as I should be.

19. Yeah, we killed another terrorist leader…but someone I can’t escape the feeling that terrorist function under the “Next Man Up” theory.

20. All politicians are hustlers, including our President. It’s not their fault, it’s a systemic issue based on a dysfunctional framework.

21. Shout Out to Tony Romo, for being the best QB in the NFL to illustrate the reasons why abusive relationships go on way longer than they should.

22. I might not be the best writer, but I’ve never had to write something that I could never support or defend.

23. Everyone who has a dream…keep pursuing it. Just make sure that whatever you have put your hope in, your actions are intentionally geared towards meeting that goal.

24. Why does America continue to keep the Kardashians relevant? Is it really that serious?

25. The best conversations come from those who are objective and knowledgeable about what they are talking about; if that ain’t you don’t bother joining in.

What random thoughts have come to your mind in the past 10 minutes? Willing to share them?


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