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Gangstas Don’t Dance…

At least that’s what Cube and nem said. And he had a valid point. Not there’s anything wrong with a guy who wants to go out and dance. More power to you. Have fun, let loose and be an idiot every once in a while. I know anytime some Bobby Brown or Bell Biv Devoe starts to play, I’m liable to lose it…word to my mans Will and that epic dance battle we had last summer at The Monkey. But see, I’m not a thug. I’m no gangster in any sense of the word. The only time I get gully is when I’m reciting some Paid In Full quotes. I ain’t no bitch though. Plus I hang around with a lot of cats who must have stock in Gold’s Gym. I know my lane and I’m very comfortable with it. Some people, on the other hand, try to blur these lines and end up looking…well foolish. At least that’s my opinion, but we all know I’m a hater at heart so please bear with me. I just find it a little off that some of these dudes who apparently come to the club to intimidate other people, complete with sunglasses and gang signs, start auditioning for the remake of footloose when they hear a song by one of these random Dallas artists. No dude should dance harder than the women who are out celebrating their “independence” after the last one in their group just got dumped.

Let me not tangent too far here, for fear of losing sight of the sadder matter at hand. I’m talking to the guy who thinks every Rick Ross song is a reference to his personal lifestyle. I’m talking to the guy with the neck and hand tats who is about to start his rap career at the ripe age of 33. I’m talking to the guy in the corner with the mean ice grill, looking like an extra from The Wire. To the trap boys of the world. The “real hood niggas”. This goes out to you…you…and you. What on Earth gives these guys the idea that they can believably keep up this façade, when we all just saw one of them roll his back and dip his ass? How can they confidently walk off like Griffey after a home run? That’s not gangsta! Weebay never did that. X wasn’t in Belly having dance offs with Nas. If dancing is your thing, do your thing. But drop the image. Similarly to how you’re gonna drop it this weekend when *insert ignorant rap song with a nice beat* catches a spin in the club this weekend.

ShoeBag. Out.


6 thoughts on “Gangstas Don’t Dance…

  1. Back in 2010, I was in a music video for the Wide Up Boyz (Yeah, I never heard of them either) but they had their goons, Durrough, and GS Boyz (Stanky leg guys) and in between scenes, these dudes would have dance offs. The bad part was, it was all feminine type dancing. I mean, they would literarily lock eyes and sway their hips and snap. I was flabbergasted. Two of the guys had ankle bracelets for house arrest, yet in still, locking eyes with your homeboy and swaying your hips seemed to be an accepted form of masculinity amongst those thugs. SMH.

  2. you mean to tell me that the Dougie, Ratchet, and Frankie are not gangsta!? Stop it.

    @ ant – how did you not record that foolishness!! you would be a youtube millionaire right now.

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