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Judge a Book by it’s Cover

“They” say you should not judge a book by its cover…then what’s the point of having a cover?! Could you imagine trying to pick a book without a cover? First time authors spend up to 30% of their post writing process on picking a cover for their book. Corporations invest tens of thousands of dollars with design firms and marketing guru’s to get the “right look” for the cover of their brochure or pamphlet. It’s obvious from all the effort and money people invest that even if we should not judge a book by its cover, WE DO!!!!

All things being equal, when you are looking for a good book, you look in the section that interest you, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Romance, History, etc. Next, you spend the next couple of minutes looking for the cover that grabs your attention and appeals to you. Our interest put us in the area, but the cover is what helps us to make our choice.  You are less likely to pick up a romance novel with an ugly dude on the front or a King Issue with Kreayshawn.  The cover gives you an idea about what’s inside. In many polls, only author and genre rank higher for reasons to pick a book. 

Remember this the next time you show up to work with a little more cleavage showing than usual. Or go to an after 5 mixer with jeans and a t-shirt.  Remember that, WE JUDGE BOOKS BY THEIR COVER the next time you are in the cubicle jungle at work bragging about last night’s exploits with your cube buddy or badmouthing the President in the cafeteria.  There are people around you that you don’t know and may not recognize, but they will remember you when your name is brought up for a promotion or key project.  What people get from first impressions are lasting impressions that they use to get an idea about the type of person you are.   

A supervisor’s need for a hard worker or person that’s great with numbers will get them in your general vicinity, but it’s your cover that helps them make their initial decision. The way we dress and carry ourselves are some of our “covers”. What does your cover say about?

p.s. Funny thing about covers…if you cover crap in 24k gold, it’s still just 24k crap!!!


7 thoughts on “Judge a Book by it’s Cover

  1. This is true. Although we shouldn’t…we do. But we have to try and catch ourselves. Just as we are judging someone…another is doing the same to us. Easier said then done at times…but it is doable to try and stop.

  2. True Meech, but I’m not sure that we shouldn’t “judge a book by its cover” There needs to be something that creates an initial attraction. We don’t start relationships with people at random, there is something (dress, looks, shoes, eyes, something!) that makes you think hey, i should talk to this person or not diss them when they talk to me. right?

  3. Yeah. I guess you just have to be careful with that as well because the very person that you feel you “shouldn’t talk to” because you saw them and decided they wouldn’t be worth your time might be someone that could have added value to your life and you to theirs. But I see where you coming from though.

  4. @ chris. some of us are way to quick to judge. How about just accepting each individual for who they are? Judgement is in fact a general ASSUMPTION that often times can MISLEAD. Of course some people are as they look, but does that mean they are to be judged? How about we just open that book first and read it, then write our book report by that? If we were all the same, then how blah would this place be? I know some people can really really ” get under skins” but, does not mean that they are not a good person etc. Sometimes we just look for too much, rather than acceptance and going with the flow…

    • This post is not so much about how we should judge people but more so how people judge others. I wanted to highlight the importance of presenting ourselves in a favorable manner whenever possible. The intended outcome was to have us focus more so on our “covers” than anything else. Bre has an excellent post about the cons of generalization called Elmyra’s Love http://wp.me/p1I2vk-4A that you should check out.

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