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100 Statements of Almost Facts & Other Opinions

Hello World! I trust that all is well where you are and that you are having the kind of day that you want to have and not one that is being dictated to you by your current circumstances. The following blog is more of a cathartic, free flowing, release of random thoughts. Some of them are opinion, some of them are fact, but determining which is which is up to you! These statements will range from a variety of topics and really have no rhyme, reason, or connection to one another…necessarily. Enjoy…or not…I guess that will be up to you to. At the end of the day, I am sure that some of y’all might be with this, and some of ya’ll won’t, but listen…#LetMeClearMyThroat *DJ Kool Vocie*

  1. “Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder” can be a fact or an opinion
  2. Opinions are like buttholes (try hard not to cuss), everyone has one.
  3. In my butthole (see the connection?) Fantasia is the 21st Century Queen of the Tree Demons
  4. No for real…she really is.
  5. There are actually three sides to every story and not two;
  6. One person’s truth, another person’s truth, and the REAL TRUTH
  7. When you put somebody else’s business out there, it really is an indication into your own insecurities
  8. When you are insecure in any area of your life, and it’s left untreated, you will always be a slave to that insecurity
  9. For every woman who believes that men are dogs, they have to understand that Dogs don’t sleep with cats…
  10. Dogs sleep with other dogs.
  11. Ricky Rosay is fat;
  12. Everyone knows Rick Ross is fat.
  13. So when he unbuttons his shirt, he essentially is taking care of his body
  14. Suffocating your stomach is not a good thing
  15. Oh yeah and he is an average rapper at best;
  16. Who has been blessed with spectacular and creative production.
  17. You will have what you say;
  18. You reap what you sow;
  19. So if you say horrible things, negative things, and speak with no hope
  20. You will reap horrible things, negative things and live a live full of hopelessness
  21. I tweeted the following yesterday, “Attn: Christians until you become God, seeing the heart of man, stop telling people they going to hell
  22. It really isn’t effective;
  23. In fact it could be the very things that keeps a person from making their own mind up about Christianity
  24. Which leads me to this; stop letting the failures and struggles of Christians prevent you from making your OWN DECISION ABOUT CHRIST
  25. Christianity is a way of life, that will have ups and downs, peaks and valleys
  26. It’s not and should never be marked by traditions and affiliations
  27. Affiliations, aka religion, are humans attempt to understand and make sense of God;
  28. They are not tickets into heaven
  29. So for all the Baptist, Catholics, Penacostals, GOGIC folk…etc..etc… if you believe that your way of worship is more perfect than someone else’s then you have missed an essential teaching of Christianity
  30.  One Head (Christ) and One Body (All Who Believe and Trust in Him) working together to fulfill HIS PURPOSE…#justsayin
  31. 25 Lighters was a really good song that came out of H-Town
  32. Not sure what 25 Lighters is… you tube DJ DMD
  33. June 27th will go down as one of the coldest free styles of all time; even if you don’t have any idea what they are rapping about
  34. Speaking of rap Snoop Dogg ain’t been Snoop Dogg since Doggystyle #shame
  35. Dogs are allegedly man’s best friend
  36. But you would be hard-pressed to find a man, particularly a straight man, who would choose some dogs over #Monkey #DoubleAnTundra
  37. Still haven’t seen planet of the Apes…and I’m mad about it
  38. Don’t tweet me the Camron pic after reading statement 31
  39. Marriage is the best thing that could have ever happened to me
  40. Oh and if you aren’t married, you are single….unless of course you live in a state that recognizes common law marriage
  41. And in that case be mindful of the law as it relates to your situation before you go claiming you are in a committed “Common Law” marriage
  42. But back to being single; if you find yourself in an unhealthy situation, and you are single, and have ties outside of your boyfriend/girlfriend title…LEAVE
  43. Bad mouthing another person because of a failed relationship says more about your desire to want to still be in it, than it does about your relief that it’s over.
  44. In 2001 I pledge the MuNu chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated.
  45. Pledging was probably one of the best things I did in college
  46. My chapter, in my opinion, epitomized what being an Alpha was all about
  47. At the rate the NPHC is going, my sons WILL NEVER get an endorsement of pledging from me.
  48. Greeks now will let a dude into the organization because he cool
  49. Sororities will not pick you, because you physically fit the “stereotype” and they don’t
  50. The Letters are not supposed to define you…
  51. When they do, it’s an indication that you are trying to be something you were not in the beginning
  52. And Ladies in the South, particularly in Texas, stop prostituting yourselves to gain membership in AKA and DELTA
  53. Contrary to what they say about each other, they are cut from the #SAMECLOTH…literally
  54. Somebody just tweeted that if the #WriterzBlock used #idcf it will open up a whole new market
  55. I didn’t know what #IDCF was, but if it will get more people interested in the blog site, why not.
  56. Log Onto www.writerzblockblog.wordpress.com and follow our material
  57. And if you don’t want to…#IDCF…lol…
  58. ATTN All Basketball wives #pleaseretire and then #buryyourself
  59. That goes for you desperate housewives of whatever suburb you live in
  60. I believe Beyonce is going to stop making music for a while
  61. She is going to focus on making movies
  62. Which all of the roles she will play will be mediocre at best
  63. Because she will be able to raise her kids and make 10 million for 2 months of work
  64. Instead of making 12 million a year for one album
  65. Her acting won’t come close to her music accomplishments
  66. But that doesn’t mean that she won’t try to keep acting
  67. Kind of like Jennifer Lopez; who is a far superior actress than musician
  68. But it didn’t stop her from making music (Don’t be fooled by the rocks that I got)
  69. Why do I NEED to go see The Help?
  70. I know about black women in the early 20th century taking care of white kids more than their own
  71. I am familiar with the ridiculous segregation laws and rules and conditions they endured
  72. I’m familiar with stories of white people and their scandals
  74. And why is Cecily Tyson always the voice of the #OldNegro in movies
  75. I didn’t realize you could still be type-casted
  76. And I hate Tyler Perry and his ridiculous movie endings….#pathetic
  77. Republicans and Democrats and even Independents are all the same
  78. They all want to be re-elected to cushy jobs that don’t really require them to do anything
  79. And if you have enough money, they will support your cause
  80. Even if it’s not best for the majority
  81. That includes Barak Obama…yeah I said it…#IDCF (that’s two times I’ve used it…we should get at least 30 new readers)
  82. Ms Panama Bomb on twitter, who I don’t follow, is really a man.
  83. But if he said he was a guy, desperate, stupid women, would stop sending naked pics of themselves
  84. Facebook needs to go away!
  85. When you wish me a happy birthday on facebook, it’s really an indication that you want the same courtesy on your birthday
  86. You don’t care about my birthday unless you call me or text me directly
  87. If you really think that your vagina is enough to keep him around, you must have never heard the phrase “nothing better than old (insert word here) is new (insert same word here)
  88. Fellas there should never be urine left on the floor after using the restroom
  89. During that time of the month ladies, you need to be very anal about proper hygiene
  90. If you are lonely, it’s because you are spending too much time thinking about how lonely you are
  91. Get out there and do something that’s different…just for you!
  92. Every failed relationship you have ever been in has one common denominator
  93. Take some advice from the late great MJ and #LookAtThePersonInTheMirror…may he RIP
  94. Which, in case you didn’t know, is the dumbest thing that anyone can say after talking about a dead person…may they Rest in Peace….
  95. I’m done…the last 4 statements is what you need to take with you if you take away nothing else
  96. WriterzBlock  is a good source for edgy and opinionated blogs that you can relate to
  97. If you aren’t reading blogs from www.writerzblockblog.wordpress.com, you aren’t reading blogs
  98. All of above statements are things that crossed my mind in the past hour
  99. And whether you agree with some, all or none of those statements
  100. #IDCF (again, mentioning #IDCF should be good for another 20 blog readers)

6 thoughts on “100 Statements of Almost Facts & Other Opinions

  1. this is friggin hee-larry-us! 44-46 *co-sign* @txsteve81 and @dontcalltyrone are going to be hurt by 82, but as long as 83 doesn’t happen, they will get over it. 21- 30

    great read

  2. LOVE the concept and might steal it one day.
    Also I feel the same way about birthdays on FB. Not that texts are really the way to go but it at least means I have your number so that’s the only way I give birthday shotouts. I don’t even have mine listed.
    And #IDCF (going to look that up)

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