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“I Just Wanna Be Successful”

In some way we all want to be successful, but the problem is we have to be careful who’s definition of success you define your life by..”

Majority of the time people think success is the fortunes we have, but success is all around us. I turned thirty-one and worried is this where I want to be in my life. I have to answer, ‘yes/no.’ I’m finally using my degree with two jobs after going eight years in a completely different field. I say no because I always wanted to be a news reporter, or sports commentator. With that being said I have found success all around me. I’m doing things I never got a chance to do. Simple as it sounds, I’m able to go to the mall and by what I want without worrying about letting a bill go, or having to budget for stuff. That’s an accomplishment for me because of the principle of being able. I didn’t have the opportunity to do that as a kid. I’m working on traveling around the world, the only thing harder than that was finding someone to travel with me. I have been a jetsetter these past couple of years. Lord’s know I didn’t travel as a kid. Unless you call going to Louisiana to visit a Dad who you didn’t have a relationship with just to give my mom a break. That’s another blog, but I can find success in a lot of things. What I don’t do is let someone else’s level of success miscues my happiness.

A lot of people watch these shows, and wish that was their everyday life. What you don’t know is what goes on after those lights go off. All these people in their pockets, those they can’t keep out they pockets, family security and no privacy. You don’t know who those people slept with, or basically sold their soul to make it there. Are you willing to do the same to achieve someone else success? Now don’t get me wrong if your goal in life is to be in the limelight, do it!! Fight for what you want. Now if you on the couch wanting the life without working you may have to search happiness in something else. Seek your success in the things you have. If you are able to have a nice house, hell a nice apartment and don’t have Uncle Sam breathing down your neck…You’re successful!!! If you have beautiful healthy kids, you’re successful!! In this day and time if you are in a healthy growing relationship, shit you’re wealthy! Don’t let MTV Cribs, or Music Videos make you look upon your life as less than nothing because you don’t have those materialistic value ‘Stuff’ (even though some of that ‘stuff’ is pretty cool…still have to keep it real). Just find your happiness that is all around you. Success is defined as the ‘attainment of wealth.’ It did not say riches or materialistic value. Don’t define your success by how much money you have or how big your house. You can’t any of that when your lights go out eternally.

Now there are always two sides of a coin. Even though there is success all around, there are always more opportunities to find success, or reach new success. Success is like oxygen, you can only stop yourself from breathing it. If you never traveled (even though you probably been called for traveling in a basketball game), save money no matter the amount. Kill two birds with one stone, you achieved saving the money, and going on a trip. Ladies if you always wanted to be a size 5 or 6 (I like ‘em kinda thick like that) and you seen Jennifer Hudson or Jill Scott drop pounds use them as inspiration. I shouldn’t be telling y’all this but I used 99 D’Angelo as inspiration for years, no homo. I just saw how women responded to the ‘How Does it Feel’ Video. Just be careful of who success you defining your life by. I would never say loss weight by using crack Whitney Houston methods, but positive alternatives. Love yourself and the life you live.

Live to be happy and know success is what you make it!



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