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I Hate to Brag, But not Really

It’s the First of the Month…wake up, wake up, wake up.  Sorry, had to get it in.  I can’t say “It’s the First of the Month..” without referencing Bone Thugs, call me crazy, call me old.  The Block has officially celebrated 1 month of dedicated service to our community, nawl I’m lying, but we have been giving you all hot topics and good writing for an entire month.  However, today marks a new day around here, so while you may notice some changes, stay tuned to see how we take this blog game over in the coming weeks.  Of course, we hate to brag, but not really.

With the social networking that’s going on these days, it’s created somewhat of a new craze.  Well let me take a step back, people have been doing it for ages, but social networking sites have brought to the forefront.  It’s been dubbed “Humble Bragging”.  Some call it ‘false humility’. It allows the offender to boast his/her ‘achievements’ without any sense of shame or guilt.

From the, “It’s not a brag, I’m just complaining” humble brag to the, “this isn’t a brag I’m just being self-deprecating” humble brag, the universe is vast and the number of offenders, seemingly limitless. These offences are all brilliantly captured on one cheeky Twitter handle, @humblebrag, an account that has quickly amassed a following of over 100,000 people.

Why do so many people humble brag?  That is a question I ask myself after reading a really good humble brag. It’s people wanting other people to envy them. I have realized that people do most things so they can tell other people about it. It’s all validation.  Plenty of celebrities do it on their Twitter accounts, so I did some research and rounded up a few examples for you guys, just so you know what I’m talking about.

  • Exhibit A:  “OMG, I hate watching Top Chef when I’m on it! I never know if I’ll come out like a schmuck.” – Michelle Bernstein on Twitter.  Nobody is going to cry over spilled milk, you’re a Top Chef on TV, get over it!
  • Exhibit B:  “Yeah, we just had to buy a new couch because our living room is so big” – Random guy at Bre’s Job.  So what you’re saying is your house is so much bigger than ours that regular couches don’t fit?
  • Exhibit C:  “Girls complain about sex with me, they say my d*ck is too big” – Made this one up, but I’m sure some guy has said it before.  Look guy, it’s against the man rules to brag on the D.
  • Exhibit D:  “Dear NYC, “Mansion Tax!?!” It’s a F*CKING TWO BEDROOM APARTMENT!!  #feelingBloomberged” – Peter Shankman on Twitter.  A 2-bedroom apartment in NYC can be expensive as well as large if they’re charging you an extra tax.
  • Exhibit E:  “This is so unfair! Why did the Lambo dealership NOT tell me I’d get pulled over once a week in this car? Time for a corolla, lol” – Miss Tila on Twitter.  If you can afford a Lamborghini then you can afford a ticket…and who complains about driving a Lambo? I mean really.
  • Exhibit F:  ‘Being famous and having a fender bender is weird. You want to be upset but the other drivers just thrilled & giddy that it’s you.’ – Dane Cook.  Dane, I should run you over on GP and since you’re not hip, that means General Purpose!
  • Exhibit G:  Actor LeVar Burton had my all time favorite. The tweet was “It’s a good night for natural light in LA” and then he posted a picture of his fireplace, but on the mantle above it were like 20 Emmy awards. A masterpiece! He did a follow-up one three days after Christmas where he tweeted “Stockings still hung…” and attached a picture of his family’s stockings all hung on his Emmys. That guy really seems to want us to know he won a bunch of Emmys for “Reading Rainbow.”

I think you guys get the picture, right?  There is the “It’s not a brag because I am just complaining” humble brag. Tila Tequila once tweeted: “I hate my lambo! Police is ALWAYS pulling me over just cuz its a lambo so they always think I’m speeding but I’m not!! Then they let me go!”  Then there is the “This isn’t a brag because I am being self-deprecating” humble brag. Nolan Gould, the kid from “Modern Family,” tweeted: “I just had my first screaming girl encounter. She probably had me confused with someone else.  Really its a gut feeling, if I read it and get a sense of annoyance, then it counts as a humble brag.  What I hate about a humble brag is that people try to come off like they aren’t bragging. It’s people not being honest about their intention. Just tell us you are at an exclusive party. Don’t hide it behind a complaint about your dress not fitting.

Feel free to post some of your favorite humble brags!  It’s like a movement or something.

Thanks for tuning in…..



12 thoughts on “I Hate to Brag, But not Really

  1. Humble Brag 1)

    @CamDeezi: My hair looks a whole hot mess today. Of course I’ve gotten 3 compliments about it already… I’m just going to stop trying.

    Humble Brag 2)
    @tronise: Not complaining but I have at least 5 invites for bday celebrations between Thursday & Saturday.

    I have a feeling at least one of them will see this post, LMAO.

  2. Is it humble bragging when I complain about having to drive all over the H for my Jr Olympian track star daughter??? I mean…it really is tiring and gas is a b!tch

  3. Oh she’s good. 6 year Jr Olympian, made varsity squad her freshman year, and was fastest girl out of TX 2010 :).

    Humble bragger, I am…

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