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The Carters

I almost didn’t even wanna go in on this considering there’s a trending topic entitled #ThingsBetterThanThaCarterIV. I figured the guy suffered enough already, but after listening to “How To Love”, which sounds softer than a litter of new born kittens resting on a pallet of Charmin UltraSoft Mega Rolls, he deserves no sympathy. I cannot, for the life or me, take seriously Lil Wayne’s attempts at stirring up yet another beef with Jay-Z. Even though these two have been taking shots at each other for quite some time now, it seemed a little ridiculous to be coming now. It especially seems absurd considering Wayne hinted at the notion of kidnapping Beyonce in the song “I’m Good.” I mean for one, she’s bigger than him. And how on earth is he going to kidnap her? By holding her at gunpoint and accidentally shooting himself again? I know it seems like I’m Wayne bashing here, but he makes it so easy. Between him pretending to be a blood, pretending to play guitar, and robbing Ke$ha of her wardrobe at the VMA’s, it’s hard to take him serious these days. He’s becoming a gimmick as opposed to the good rapper he once was.

Here’s my biggest problem with this “beef”: How can Wayne continuously pull a Jay-Z on Hov by using his lyrics in one song and then turn around and diss him in another? That would be the equivalent of Jay-Z dissing Biggie. And doesn’t Wayne have a Jay-Z lyric tattooed on him somewhere? That alone should revoke all dissing privileges. Whether or not there is bad blood between the two or this is all manufactured to sell records (I’d go with option B), I actually want to see this one go back and forth. As opposed to his issues with The Game, who obviously baits Jay-Z in an attempt to get attention, I want to see if the old guy has any fight left in the tank. He apparently doesn’t think that Beans, Game, Prodigy, or Dipset are relevant enough for him to respond, but the older Carter has gone on record more than a few times praising Wayne’s ability and even called him the heir to his throne. It’s been awhile since Jay has put a couple careers on hold, so now I think it’s time to show and prove. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s still burning from that Ether and is reluctant to get into another major beef. Apparently it burns your soul very slowly. But hey, Nas wrote “Ether”, and Wayne definitely ain’t Nas.

Of course I don’t expect Jay-Z to respond. According to him, he’s past that point in his rap career. Not only is he planking on a million, his seeds are doing the same in Beyonce’s uterus and creating little Carters…not to be confused with little DeWayne Carter. Meanwhile, watch this hilarious video….


6 thoughts on “The Carters

  1. I think I’m the only person that likes The Carter 4. Maybe not the entire album, but Nightmares of the Bottom is my hit right now!

    Either way, I don’t believe in rap beefs anymore. It’s like they’re all staged. Realest one I’ve ever heard of recently was T.I. vs Lil Flip and that’s because there were actual punches thrown. All the rest are leaving all the aggression in the studio.

  2. Brownlee, that’s what rap beef is supposed to be. we had an early example of how beefing on wax got real when Scott La Rock got shot waaaay back in the gap. I think it would be good for hip hop if these two went at it. and then drake and ye can go at too.

  3. Hip Hop is like the NBA these days. Everybody just wants to get along instead of stirring up any real static. But unless two artists have real issues with each other, then the beef shouldn’t leave the studio. So let’s not even call it “beef”. Let’s call it “artistic differences”

  4. @MyShoeBag , agreed. I just watched the video last night and that ish is hilarious!! Affion had Jay dead on! his show is pretty lame though (message: stop trying to recreate the Dave Chappelle Show, it ain’t possible.)

  5. Wayne is like that band geek that tries so hard to fit in. Lest we not forget he just started rapping solo in like 01, 02. Prior to that, he was the annoying lil brother of Cash Money. So I don’t get why he has such a huge mainstream appeal compared to Jay

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