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Who You Calling a Bitch?

Like De La Soul said back in ’96, the stakes is high!!  We are at a crucial point in urban music. The turning point. I feel like it’s really coming back to the lyrics.  Coming back to the substance, to the MC. It’s not there yet but we on the way.  Cats like Lupe, Wale, J. Cole, and Phonte are starting to get more pub than their pop counterparts. At least for the fellas the outlook has a platinum lining. But what about the fate of the female MC? True, they rarely equaled the status or acclaim of male MC’s, but there was a time when they at least held their own on the mic.  There are even a few examples of female MC’s soning dudes (see the real Roxanne, and  Queen Latifah’s response to Apache’s gansta bitch)

Now….meh! It’s more like they are better qualified to swallow a “mic” than hold one.  And it’s not just the female MC’s, but their clones I mean fans too. I mean Nikki and Trina talk slick but these chicks live it!  Im so tired of this barbie movement and these pink lace fronts and the girls with booty shots (that ain’t that bad).  I just don’t get it. I’ll admit that I’m just being a hater when it comes to the fashion and hairstyles, but what I really have a hard time understanding is the proliferation of the word Bitch. This ain’t all Nikki’s fault (it probably has more to do with Webbie than anyone else), sisters been calling each other bitches, hoes, and waynches ever since I could remember. But they used to do it on the low, sorta.  And God forbid that anyone outside of their click utter the word, that was a perfect reason to put hands on somebody. There was a time when dudes would not call a sister a bitch for fear of losing ther life, now it’s the ultimate compliment!  I hear cats say, “man you got a bad bitch” or “my bitch always holds me down”. And these comments were made in the presence of their gals and followed by a hug and a smile!!! WTH is going on? *Ron Isley voice*  Hardcore rap has always degraded women and always caught hell for it.  And Lil’ Kim and Foxy were always pretty gutter with their lyrics, but they really caught hell for it.  They had fans, but it wasn’t the same.  They were not going around bragging about how they could match Kim’s feet of fitting a Sprite Can down her throat.  It was more about freedom of speech.  More about, why can the guys rap about their sexuality and women can’t.

It is becoming more common for women of color or urban residents to compliment each other by bestowing the title of Bad Bitch. They even take it further by bragging on their breed, mixed or pure. Are we talking about pit bulls here?  Why is it ok to be the baddest bitch?  Why are you bragging about being a mixed breed?  How I long for the days when Queen Latifah told dudes she would bust him in the face if he called her a bitch.  I know times change, but change is not always good. I’m not sure it’s a positive thing to call yourself a bitch or strive to be a bad bitch. I’m certain that it does something to your sub conscious and willing to bet that it significantly affects the way men treat you and their expectations of you. And it’s a fact that sisters that got lil something going for themselves will think you are setting black women back 30 years.  Know this, run up on a woman in my circle and call her a bitch and she will be calling me for bail money.

Is it a matter of pride or self esteem? Is it similar to how some brothas try to put a positive spin on nigga? Can someone please help me understand.


9 thoughts on “Who You Calling a Bitch?

  1. If you do not understand history or have no regards for the implications of circumstances that occurred in the past and how it impacts us today…YOU ARE DOOMED TO REPEAT IT….You have to educate, one at a time, on a small level and hope that those on the small level will band to carry that message in mass…especially when they don’t realize they are doing it.

    • I’m not sure that’s the ticket. Look what educating brothers about the word nigger has done…….nothing!!! maybe its time we embrace these terms and come to grips with their new cultural connotations?

  2. What’s wrong with Bitch? This ain’t 1980! Dudes call each other nigga girls are bad bitches. I’m one of the baddest bitches in the game. I don’t need no man to support me and I bring a lot to the table. I got a degree too! My momma used to call her girlfriend bitch and hoe. This ain’t new!! I got plenty of respect for me and my people, when I’m calling a girl out of her name and I mean to be disrespectful she will know it.

  3. Damn shame what they did to that dog… I call my friends Beautiful and Lovely… but what do I know, I just always learned that life and death were in the power of the tongue… I call my male friends Captain and Love (besides their gubment names of course)

    • Man Selah, don’t quote scripture on them. I’m just wondering if maybe it’s much ado about nothing. We all have a switch that takes us from hood to boardroom in 2.5 seconds (even cats that swear they grimey). Maybe it’s just a cultural norm like when people used to call each other jive turkey’s

      • I ain’t saying my tongue is pristine… (I always like to see myself as a beautiful juxtaposition of the sacred and the profane… others may see it is contradictory, to that I shrug) but in my opinion it shows a lack of respect or value we have for ourselves and our people… It is a sore spot for me cause I HATE to hear all the caterwauling about what THEY say and think about us, then WE don’t respect and value ourselves.. the same way we speak to our children, with no respect… then go out into the big wide world and demand a respect we don’t have for ourselves… Again, sore subject for me. I ain’t gonna be submitting people to the inquisition for it, I’ll just be the change I want to see and keep stepping

  4. My Shoebag said it best, a “Bitch” is basically the female equivalent of “nigga” in pretty much every aspect.”

    if they are taking a positive out of a negative (something black folks have had to do for years) then why knock it. I think its lame and agree that we should be the “change (we) want to see and keep stepping” or we should presh Queen Latifah to remake her song and try to start a movement.

  5. I think this article is on point. Women refer to themselves to often, too casually with each other. One’s intonation is the only real indicator of which side of the coin you fall on Bad Bitch as in good or Bad Bitch as in bad. Because of the casualness, we are in consistent in our reactions when we assume these unspoken rules about who can and cant say them. I believe people can change over time and experience and so can a word, however, it will always hold some refelction of its roots…just like the people who use them. Do I think its the same as black people using the n word, gay people using the f word, etc? Yes. Absolutely. There is some line of argument that these groups we are a part of is a reclaiming of the word from the outside oppressive source it originated from. Its roots are still in that oppression from which it was born…no matter how much it changes in “meaning” or spelling. We add to to our own oppression every time we take and use tools of oppression casually.

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