Lust and Love

That Good Good

I was watching TV with my lil dip the other day and we stumbled across this show on the Food (you can never cook) Network called, “the best thing ever”. The entire premise of the show is to enlighten/tease you with some of the best food on the planet!  So me and my lil dip started talking about the best food we ever had. That convo was over when she said the waffle house!  But it sparked a conversation about some of the “best things ever” in other areas.  After the learning the best song she ever heard was Let Me See It and the best movie was Baby Boy we began to cross the point of no return. We started talking about the best relationships we had which quickly went to the best relations we had.  When the topic was broached I just knew it would take me forever to answer. Mostly because I never thought about it before then; truthfully I figured I was in every girl’s top three and I was just happy I got some. But the answer rolled of my tongue as easily as my own name!

I was shocked at how quickly and confidently I answered the question. All of a sudden I was flooded with memories of that good good. I remembered why I never thought about it, cause this girl had my nose wide open!! She straight knocked the cool out of my step. I mean I was breaking every man law imaginable and was proud of it!  She would call at 10 pm and mention she was hungry; I would surprise her with her favorite order from burger king and leave (w/o getting some!) I even dissed the bruh’s a few times to get it in. I’m not proud of this time in my life but it was the best I ever had. You’ve been there even if you didn’t know it. We have all had our nose blown open by that good good.

 Have you ever:

  •  Cancelled well established plans with your friends for the chance of getting that good good
  • Assigned a nickname to “it”
  • Done something so out of your character that you had to check yourself, but then did it anyway
  • Spent an abnormal amount of money or time with someone and just couldn’t exlpain why
  • Drove three hours on a Sunday night just to get up at 3 in the morning on Monday to drive 3 hours back to make your 8am class (or maybe that’s just me)


 If you can answer yes to any of the above questions, you have been hit with that good good.

 So I pose the question to The Block, What is the best “relations” you ever had and how did you know your nose was open?


2 thoughts on “That Good Good

    • Thanks now it’s in my head too.

      The Ashanti song is what I thought about. It’s amazing that most everybody has been here but doesn’t want to admit it. And what’s even crazier is that some of us have been whipped and didn’t get no paaaaarts of the nookie *school daze voice*

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