Media Madness

Daddy Fat Sacks…Big…Boi…

Good morning world and welcome to another installment of Media Mondays. Today I would like to highlight a prevalent issue in the hip hop community. No, it’s not the glorification of gang violence and weapons smuggling. No, it’s not commentary highlighting the wonderful topic of*in my best Jay Z voice* money, cash and hoes. It’s not even about who’s the best this, the worse that or the fattest…well we all know Rosay is the fattest (insert noun here). Today’s blog will seek to understand how rappers get caught with contraband on them.

Recently Big Boi, from OutKast, was arrested for contraband in Miami. According to reports Viagra, Ecstasy pills as well as a powder form of ecstasy and various drug paraphernalia engulfed the rapper and his entourage. Now, I could stop here and go on a mini rant about how of all the people in Big Boi’s entourage, only Sir Luscious Left Foot was named for us, the public. However, that’s the price you pay for fame. When you are the star and you are running with a bunch of no name folks…then you get to look like the sex crazed druggie for all the world to see. But this blog is not about that.

Big Boi’s lawyer has come out and said what most lawyers say, “When all the evidence and investigations are done, Big Boi will be exonerated.” While I don’t doubt that, if I was Big Boi I would be wondering, “Why the Hell is somebody not voluntarily taking the fall for this stuff.” I mean the lawyers are saying it was the people who was with the rapper, but I would be saying, “Hey no job having fool #1….am I not the reason you have been eating for the past two decades?” “And No skill having, been riding my coattails, wanna be dungeon family dude #2…are you really gonna let the investigators question me after I have been supporting you for most of our existence?

I’m not saying that Big Boi is guilty or innocent. In fact, I don’t care. But as soon as the Po Po’s rolled up I would have been waiting on one of the members of my sorry entourage to step up and say, “It was me man…it was me.” ATTN: HIP HOP SUPERSTAR RAPPERS stop taking the fall for the entire click when the click wouldn’t even be a click without you. Rotate the fall guy if you need to. Let these dudes from your elementary, junior high, family reunion, etc…. know from the start; if anything happens that is illegal or negative in any way happen while y’all are with me…guess what #YourFault; Because until they start making they own bread…..#TheyOweYou. I’m just saying!


3 thoughts on “Daddy Fat Sacks…Big…Boi…

  1. I feel you on this one!! I would have cats sign a contract that they would be the fall guy. TI and Wayne should have never seen jail time. You betta ask Shine about how Puffy handles business!!

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