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The Coldest Winter

Unlike the majority of men in America today, I put preference towards the NBA rather than the NFL. If the NFL lockout would have continued, it wouldn’t have been a good thing by any stretch of the imagination; however college football can somewhat satisfy my football fix for a year if need be. But no NBA? I just don’t know if I can make it. All of the insiders of the lockouts and even a few of Chris Broussard’s “sources” are implying that there will likely be no season this year. WTF man! I can’t survive on NCAA hoops alone. And the worst part is that the owners and the players don’t even seem to want to get along at this point. So what’s an NBA fan to do when the NFL season is over and we’re left with nothing but a cold, bitter winter? I have a few ideas.

1. Watch Hardwood Classics on NBAtv. I don’t know about anyone else out there, but I get caught up in these games like they’re being played in real time. I swear I was watching the 96 Finals the other day and I had to catch myself from getting angry because Mike kept missing free throws. The other great thing about these hardwood classics is that it not only gives you a chance to experience a little nostalgia, but you also get to watch teams and players that were in their prime before you were born or were at least old enough to know what was going on.

2. Watch games broadcasting from overseas. It seems a lot of players are “absolutely” considering playing overseas during the lockout, even though only a few here and there have actually signed with foreign teams. This might be sufficient enough if they broadcast these games over on this side of the ocean. It doesn’t even have to be live since most of us will be sleep while they play the games anyway. If you find these first two ideas make you long for the NBA even more and they just aren’t working try out these next few options.

3. Watch the WNBA. Ok ok, that was a joke. Just seeing if I’m keeping you guys on your toes here.

4. Watch hockey. No, I was being serious about this one. Why not take the opportunity to broaden your horizons and watch people play an action packed, violent sport on ice with sticks? Just typing this almost makes me want to watch hockey already. Almost…let’s just see how this lockout thing plays out.

5. Pick a snowball fight with elementary kids. That’s only if we get any snow in Texas. If so, I can’t think of anything more fun than taking advantage of the fact that I’m so much more faster and stronger than all of these kids. Just think of how good of a time you could have reliving your childhood for an hour or two?


One thought on “The Coldest Winter

  1. First, they better not cancel the season after a year like they just had. Its just the right balance of TMZ and WWE to keep folks interested in the NBA.

    Second, you know mike was missing those shots because of the Black Hand.

    Third, these cats in TX don’t know much about a snowball fight, its too darn hot!!

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