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“How To Spot A Coward” ..Bauski baaaby!!


Noun: A person who lacks the courage to do or endure dangerous or unpleasant things.
Adjective: Excessively afraid of danger or pain.
Through recent events that has happen to me (and I’m sure it has happen to you all also), I witness there are a plethora of these people walking among us. In plain sight they laugh in your face with intention to deceit and tattle. These people are called ‘Cowards.’ Even though the title says ‘How to Spot A Coward,’ you can never spot a coward. You can only hope to avoid them. Don’t give them any ammunition to use against you. Remember a coward is always watching you, taking notes…watching film in they mental Rolodex to pull some shit on you!
Now, believe it or not, whether you all want to admit it..we’ve all been cowards before. For example, if you have ever sent  a message to attract the attention of someone else’s girl/guy…you are a coward! If you have used social media to tell someone you will beat the brakes off someone, coward! If you have snitched on your co-worker about what another co-worker doing in the privacy of there own cubicle (not saying someone snitched to my boss to say I was on my phone)…coward!! If you cheat on your girl, get caught and still lie, coward!! Ten times out of ten she already knows you cheated. Either two things will happen she’ll get moist for you being a man and man’n up! Or she gone put her foot up your ass and turn it sideways. But!! At least she can’t call you a coward.
The good news here is that you can redeem yourself from being a coward. First step is knowing your that you are a coward. Last step, (there is no in between)…and this is really important “MIND YOUR FUCKIN BUSINESS!” If you don’t mind your business you won’t have anything to worry about. That can go a long way!
Just take one thing away from this blog..”A coward dies a thousand deaths, but a soldier only dies once!”

7 thoughts on ““How To Spot A Coward” ..Bauski baaaby!!

  1. ya know… I like how this spotting a coward thing is introspective in it’s very loud (was I wrong to read that like you were screaming at me) way… Spot the coward in YOURSELF.. now that’s a message I can get behind and will be applying

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