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Ya’ll Ain’t Ballin!!

Welcome to Whateva, whateva, whateva, whateva, whateva Wednesday.  Insert Jill Scott’s voice and some jazzy music and you get what Whateva Wednesday is all about.  Every Wednesday someone from The Block will hit you Whateva tickles their fancy. This is a chance for the Writerz to freestyle and give you little bit of themselves.  You are now rocking with
best….Chris Collins and this is Whateva Wednesday!!

Ya’ll Ain’t Ballin!!

This is dedicated to all the $30,000 millionaires out there in my community. To all my college grads that think 55k is killing the game and all my people in the struggle that drive a BMW and live in they momma crib!!  This is for everyone that fell for the banana in the tailpipe!!  This is for my ballers shot callers, brawlers, on the low from the Jakes in the Taurus that’s trying to get they hands on some grants like Horace!!

The politics as usual on Capitol Hill has brought me to the conclusion that our elected officials have lost their everlasting minds!  Politics as usual in my community have convinced me that the great strides made in the Civil Rights movement are systematically being counter acted by the ignorance and fiscal maleficence that is running rampant in our urban communities. As loud as Flava yelled, we didn’t listen. Not only did we believe the hype, we bought the hype, and became the hype.  African-Americans in the 80’s & 90’s were poised to take advantage of the strides made by their grandparents in the 50 & 60’s. The resurgence of the black intelligentsia was leading the way as young black men and women began making
strides in corporate America that were once only dreams in speeches. African-Americans were also seeing the type of salaries that justified their Brooks Brothers suites and Dolce & Gabana shoes.  Then something happened. Something was lost in translation. We went from striving to be successful in corporate America and building our communities through entrepreneurship to striving to be Lil Wayne, Bootsie, and Lil B!  Swag!!

We drank the Kool-Aid that powerful marketing companies put out for us in our native tongues of hip hop, R&B, and Dance.  We took a big gulp of the Kool-Aid, and it wasn’t the kind Tisha Cambpell was making in House Party. No sooner than we got the right to vote, did we have to start battling voter apathy. A few decades after our “heroes” Martin, Malcolm, Medgar, and Thurgood fought for equal access to education we became base gods and wolf gangs! Swag to the max!!

People of color have always been pillars of things cool but that has always been just one aspect of culture. Now, it seems as though ballin’ has become the entirety of our culture.  We have become preoccupied with fashion, gossip, and rebelwithoutacauseness (if Diddy can make up words, so can I).  If you ain’t buying out the bar or buying Louis V’s and red bottom heels, you ain’t doing nothing.  And if your lacefront ain’t on point and your dress doesn’t show off your butt implants, you ain’t real.  I see cats every day that swear they are
doing it big cause they can make it drizzle at the nekked!!  Our definition of ballin’ is completely out of whack and more in line with reality TV than reality.  There needs to be a cultural shift of what “ballin” means.  We need to increase our academic pursuits and flood the market with young men and women with their MBA and Ph.D and MD.  Our focus needs to skew more toward financial literacy than being financially ostentatious.  Forget rich, let’s get wealthy; who else gone feed we?  Our shoe game should not be more diverse than our portfolio’s.  We should read more of theroot, fieldnegro, and writerzblock than bossip and MTO.  We need to embrace the entirety of our culture not just what is deemed fashionable and trendy.  Remember that we are and have always been the measuring stick of cool, stop letting others decide how you measure up.


19 thoughts on “Ya’ll Ain’t Ballin!!

  1. 1st question – what is the orgin of the term “ballin”? Just curious..

    Great article! The delivery is candid and creative! Thought prevoking to say the least! Doing a self check right now!

  2. I think this is very great article….. Our definition of ballin’ is completely out of whack and more in line with reality TV than reality……this is so true ….Small Brains think that a hustler is ballin’ the funniest thing I have every hard….LOVE IT~

    • what’s even funnier is that what some people call hustling, I call being lazy. Its easier (albeit more dangerous) and less profitable to hustle illegally than it is to get out there and grind like cats used to back in the day with 3 and 4 jobs. That’s hustling!!

  3. August 3rd, 2011 at 1:07 pm
    I think this is a very good article….. Our definition of ballin’ is completely out of whack and more in line with reality TV than reality……this is so true ….Small Brains think that a hustler is ballin’ the funniest thing I have every hard….LOVE IT~

  4. Man hol up! I feel you (not that it’s going to stop me from coppin the new Beamer, but still….I know things come to those that wait). Great Blog….felt like this was a speech that you just posted, so I read it in a Malcolm type voice!

  5. Good job!! On point, down to earth and tellin’ the real deal. Hope those that are ballin’ read it. But, it’s likely that the group that needs to get this message is the same group that’s not into reading blogs, newspapers or any other media worthy of growing minds and fostering dialog and debate. Just the same, keep on blogging about real situations!!

  6. great read. i think we celebrate mediocrity so of course being “extra” will make people admire you. i’m tired of people getting credit for what they’re supposed to be doing. we should all be aspiring to be better.

  7. I was just having this same convo last night. I’m so disappointed in my people…we have backslid into hell and have become a race of gimmicks and wanna-be ballers.

    • Man!! “we have backslid into hell and have become a race of gimmicks and wanna-be ballers” that is a mighty firm indictment!! I don’t think the damage is irreparable but its becoming septic. I think it goes back to the theory of the Talented Tenth. When we buy into the hype as much as the 90% its tough to go back and help. right?

  8. Good read! It reminds of seeing Home Theater Store trucks delivering to low-income apartments, women buying groceries with their Lonestar card pulled from their fake Gucci bags, and starving kids in the hood with the clean Jordans. Doing better isn’t just about ballin in the mall…its mind elevation. Nice read on a Sunday (even though its meant for Whateva Wednesdays)

  9. Definetly feel what you’re saying on this one! I’m sick and tired of seeing young African Americans waste opportunity in pursuit of “Swag!” or status. I’m ready for education and true success to be cool

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